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Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Project

I seem to find things in spurts, and recently I've been finding work lights. You know the kind with those great metal cages around them. When I found this one I knew what I had to do with it.
I was inspired by this book.

Which is one of my current favs, and you've heard me talk about it before. If you are looking at how to work a slight industrial feel into your decor, this is the book for you. Anyway...I put this lamp together this weekend and it was sooooo easy.

First thing I did was to find the trouble light and an old base. You could easily make a base out of wood.

I have a box of lamp parts, from lamps I've taken apart, and I found a short threaded bar in one of them and attached it to the lamp base.

Then I drilled a hole in a dowel so it slipped over the threaded bar, and I glued it to secure it. If you want a more fancy look, use an old spindle instead of a dowel. Then I attached the trouble light to the wooden dowel with 2 screws, and wrapped the cord around the outside of the dowel.

How you attach your trouble light will depend on it's design. Some have a clamp, you might be able to just clamp it to your dowel.
I did paint the cord black because it was stained and dirty. The electrical seemed sound so I did not feel the need to re-wire it. Leaving the cord exposed added a little bit more of that industrial feel. I will need to add an on/off switch to this one as it does not have one. Plug in =on, unplug=off.
For a finial I used an old door knob.

If you can use a drill you can do this project.
For now this lamp will live where you see it in the picture. But after Son #1 moves out, his room is going Industrial/cottage, Can't wait to use it in there. I have another trouble light for the other side of the bed. It's a different design and I'll try a different style of lamp.


A Touch of Country said...

very creative!

Thanks for posting it.

I love seeing all your creations.

Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

I love your lamp! I also love those old industrial light covers, they're just too cool!! :)

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Very creative! Well done, Margo! ~Mindy

trash talk said...

Those covers are terrif! Thank you for the sweet comments you left about Bella. I just have to tell you something about your motto. We lost one of our dearest best friends 2 years ago. He always said "Pray to God for your best and forget the rest." Your words brought back some very sweet memories. Thank you. Debbie

Anonymous said...

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