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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Busy Day

The Sale at Our Little Corner was a big success. We had lots of pretties outside.

I brought some junkie goodies

And the people came and they shopped. Thanks to everyone who came out.

Prayers were answered and forcasted rain, went around us. But the front came through just enough to give us a nice cool breeze for the last half of the day. Couldn't have asked for anything better

Thank you Bill & Sherry

Owners of Our Little Corner, for everything you did to make this a smooth sale day. These folks really know how to treat their dealers.

I've had several inquiries about my Burlap Cart Liners
I now offer the finished product for $15.00 plus shipping.
Each bag is a little different, and will not be exactly the same design as the one in the picture below.

I've even designed a pocket feature into it.


I'll have some updated new "junk room" pictures on Monday.


Sand Flat Farm said...

Sorry I had to miss the big sale today Margo. We moved Hayley home today from CS. Long, wet day. We got the trailer loaded with the big items, got it tarped & tied down and then a storm blew in and we got wet getting everything else in the truck. You should have seen us - the truck was packed, me & H were packed in there like sardines with stuff under our legs and in our laps the whole way home. It was tight!

Mary said...

Congrats on doing well at your sale, there are quite a few things there that I would have had to have! Love the burlap liners! I wish I had a cart to use them. Mary

Leann said...

Glad that the weather held out for you. We've been having so much rain lately. The raid gave us temps in the 50's today!

Enjoy your week!

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