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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ki's visit Day One

Ki and her Husband Kerry arrived around 9:30pm on Wednesday night, and we got right to work with some instructions to the Photographer, about what kinds of shots she was looking for on her visit. You'll find out why she needed a photographer later this month, but use your imagination. :)

The photographer just happens to be my son Allen, who usually follows Brides and Grooms around with his camera, but agreed to help us out with Flea Market shots.

On Thursday morning early, we loaded up Ki's truck and headed to First Monday Flea Market.
Ki spotted this western wear craftsman right away. She's a Horse person and gravitated to the western stuff. This vendor is real close to Maggie's place at the Veranda. All his items are hand crafted by him, he's very talented.

Then we stopped at the Veranda to visit with Maggie a bit before the meet-n-greet. Ki really liked the shell art done by this gal. You can see more of her things in Maggie's booth.

Photog (Allen) Ki & Kerry (Her Husband)
We had to introduce Kerry to Funnel Cakes

We stopped to take some pics of these quilts and visited with these nice ladies.

And Ki signed her Magazine for her.

Then off to the Veranda for the meet-up. this is me and Ki with Susie Emmons. She sells the Vintage Textile Soak that both myself and Ki offer from our web sites.

Ki visited with lots of bloggers and lurkers. This is Judy Hill, her sale is June 11, stay tuned for more info.

Maggie's space was beautiful as usual

Ki signed some books

Kerry has the gift of gab and is a friend to everyone

Ki signed Maggie's check out stand," wall of fame".

How sweet

I have to say that Ki is the sweetest person, and took time to truly visit and get to know everyone she talked to. We didn't get to cover as much ground as we wanted. We never got to the Lewis side, or the Arbors. We had so much more to see, but ran out of day. At 5 most vendors close up shop, and that is when we left. I'm sorry if we didn't get by your place, but she may make another visit.
Special Thanks to Maggie for hosting our Meet-n-greet and,
thanks to everyone who came out and gave Ki and Kerry a true Texas welcome. Kerry said that he understands the term "southern hospitality" now. :)

More Tuesday, on our trip to Mineola and Gladewater.


trash talk said...

I hate that I didn't get to come! She must be a real doll!

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Margo...What a wonderful and full first day. Thanks for taking the time to share in words & photos.
Such fun!

TinaTx said...

Looks like a great time! Wish I could have made it - maybe next time!

Nancy @ Ella Elaine said...

I enjoyed all your photos. Thanks for sharing. Ki and Kerry are the nicest couple. Very down to earth and sincere. I am glad you didn't keep them to yourself!

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