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Thursday, June 18, 2009

She Came Bearing Gifts

As if her just being here wasn't gift enough, Ki arrived with a very special present for me.
One of her Oliver Bags

Actually she had 2 and I got to choose which one I wanted :)
These bags are similar to the Mable bag, but are made with Vintage Flour Sacks.

The Back is even cool, 2 pockets are sewn on the back with more flour sack graphics. Her sister Karla makes these.
And it doesn't stop there, as you lift the flap there is more coolness.

And I love how deep these bags are. Deep enough for a file, or folder, and even your favorite mags. I use it as a more professional gal would use a small brief case. But I'm not professional, I'm fun, and this bag is perfect.
When I said "how will I choose which one to carry, Mable or Oliver? Ki, in all her wisdom, said "change them out with the seasons, one for Summer and one for Winter." Oliver is it for the summer. Thanks Ki, it was a great gift.

I've been so busy lately, I haven't had time to post some of the cool finds I've been dragging home.

This is a very heavy tool of some sort, I was drawn to the rusty gears

I got my hands on a whole bunch of gas station signs

And I love this mirror, as-is. It has character, and the silvering is weathered. Debbie calls it a "ghost mirror"

I picked up a couple of old heaters, these are great "stages" for vignettes

These unusual things are 2 rusty chippy swings, complete with chains. The swings are metal and each one is a slightly different size. Now what could we do with these?

An old fuel lamp, I think it would be cool retrofitted as an electric lamp

I got this scale yesterday, I love scales

This is a fun item, Judy Hill had one at her sale, and had ice in it. The ice did not melt. It's got a spout at the bottom for liquid, but it doesn't drain very well. I think I'd use it for ice, or a plant. The lid fits on it, I just didn't want people to have trouble getting it off and think it was stuck.

More of those gas station signs. These are flipping numbers.
The chair is bar stool height, and oh so industrial cool.

And I finally found myself a mannequin. this poor gal needed something for her modesty, a old simplicity pattern works. Unfortunately, she had only 1 arm.

All these items are currently living at Winnie and Tulula's and are all for sale.

I found a great little side table today, and a lantern. They are still dirty and need some TLC but I'll show them soon.
Have a happy junkin weekend.


Me & My House said...

Hey lady! Love the Oliver bag...what a nice gift and your junk alwasy speaks to me! Don't really know what it says but it always says SOMETHIN' ! LOL! Have a great weekend!


trash talk said...

Fun, fun, triple fun! Everything!!!
How sweet was that of Ki to bring you a gift and what a gift?
I love old heaters for exactly the same reason as you. I have one in a false fireplace mantle with candles in it. I also have a stash of scales I want to bring to W&T's if I can get C.D. to load them. You know how much those things can weigh and that's not the big un I still have to pick up.
I can see I am going to have to pick up the pace on my buying to keep up with you.

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

I am loving that Oliver Bag! Aren't you the lucky girl? And your space looks so fun! Lots of great finds, Margo! ~Mindy

Anonymous said...

Great stuff Margo! You mentioned ice..try some "dry ice" in your displays & have some fun! It would be funny by the "ghost mirror"

:) Jan

red.neck chic said...

Lucky You - I love the bag!!! How fun!!! All of your finds look so fun! I'm going to raid your space - I can't wait to see all of your goodies! I was living the grand opening vicariously through your blog!!!

Have a great week-end!

Garden Place Design said...

Oh those swing can see them hangin on the veranda above the railing 2 small holes cut in them to fit 2 small terra cotta pots with those bellowin long plants that look like long grass. not sure of the name looks like water commin out of a fountain. lol

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