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Monday, July 20, 2009

Road Trip Austin Area Part 2

Weird Shopping in Austin
After shopping in Round Rock, we headed towards my ultimate destination. But first a store I had only heard about. Anthropologie! Now living in a medium sized town has one down side...Shopping. Or the lack of it. So the chance to be in the Big City and have an Anthropologie near by could not be passed up. We found it and went in. I was at first surprised by all the clothes, because what I had usually seen from here were unique home fashions. They were there, but clothing takes up most of the floor space. I especially loved the old industrial pieces they use for display.

And vintage inspired unique accents. I'm sure these letters on stands were inspired by old signeage.

This is a truly unique garden chair.

Not old but cool anyway

And with my love of clocks, I had to snap this pic. However I did not buy (hint: you can get them cheaper at Hobby Lobby)

Love these graphic cups all lined up on a vintage industrial shelving unit.

After I made my very small purchase (i'll show later) we headed off to Uncommon Object on S Congress.

I must say that the short drive from Anthropologie to Uncommon Objects did not disappoint in it's entertainment value. As they say in Austin "Keep Austin Weird"

The inside of this place is as interesting as the outside.

It's full of eye candy, around every turn. Definitely not your typical antique mall.

But don't tell anyone Sh......

Here is a tip for shopping here. It's not a big store. Walk in, take a deep breath and start heading down the isle of your choice. Look at everything eye level. Then go back through and look down, and then lastly go through again and look up at the ceiling. You'll be amazed what you missed the first 2 times through.

There is no way to describe this place, it is something that must be experienced.
And it has the perfect home in the center of the artist area of Austin on S Congress.
Take a short walk up Congress on the same side of the street for the best Tex Mex Lunch. Sorry can't remember the name of the restaurant. But it was Gooooood.

Tomorrow... Marta's Room


Jenny said...

What a great post! Anthropologie is a favorite store of mine in Rockville, MD. They always have interesting vintage industrial things used for display; also for sale, but $$$. And Uncommon Objects looks great. As you said, it would take a few passes through before you could take it all in. But interesting things-I'd love to get the string holder :)

trash talk said...

I love Anthropologie's window displays. There is one here in Dallas that is worth the trip just for ideas!
I bet Ms. T can tell you the name of that mexican restaurant. Isn't that the one she's always making a mad run for?

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Wow, you get around almost as much as I do :) Don't you just love this place. You are right it takes many times going through it to see it all, or at least as much as your eyes will allow you to see. Marta's Room, can't wait to see her place. I've done a post on her shop before. And Anthropologie, well there's no words to describe this place, other than awesome!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

You're right Ms. Trash I can, it's called Guero's (pronounced Weto's). Love this place almost most as the Chippy girls do!

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Such fun junk!!! ~Mindy

JunkinJane said...

Love Anthropoligie! the first time I was in one n Towson, MD I told my family I want to live there. When we were on vacation we went to one and I snapped a picture as I went in and they told me do not take anymore pictures please. I would love to visit Uncommon Objects too. You have the best places in Texas!

bucharoo said...

I'm taking notes so that when I go visit my daughter in Austin we can go shopping! Anthropologie is one of her favorites. I can't wait to explore Uncommon Objects.

Vickie said...

We love Anthropologie around here, too.

Looks like ya'll had a fun time. But we wanna see what you came home with!

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