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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Close up of Ice Box Door Project

Remember that old green Ice box I took apart? Well here are close ups of one of the projects that came out of that.

The first thing I do, when working with chippy old wood, is to spray on a clear varnish, I use glossy, but any sheen will work. This will seal out most of the lead that might seep into the air, and seals in the chippiness, so it makes less of a mess when handled.

For this project I took the door and added another trim piece that was also removed from the ice box.

The side brackets were in my box-o-goodies, they add stability and strength.

The way the trim board was made it created a perfect plate rail

This project took all of about 15 mins.


gail@myrepurposedlife said...

hey margo! that looks really cute!
I just love "chippy" paint. :)
what sheen do you use in the sealer? matte? satin? semi?

trash talk said...

"Waste not, want not" Surely, you need a sign saying that hanging somewhere!

Debbie P. said...

I love how you left the handle on the door. And thanks for the tip on keeping the "chippiness"; I always wondered how you kept paint flakes from accumulating on the floor beneath it.

icandy... said...

LOVE this!!! :)

bec4 said...

i love this Margo--very cool!

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