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Saturday, August 8, 2009

It's in the Bag

I don't know about you but I love having new and different bags to carry all the time. That is one reason I love the Mable and Oliver bags I've gotten from Junk Revolution. When I saw this great blue jean bag on Friday at a local thrift store (never been used), for $3, I just had to get it. And I knew exactly what I would do with it.

This is the after, it was simply a jean bag with that strip of brown strapping with the letters and numbers on it.

I went through all my goodies and trinkets and found just the right things to embellish it.

I love it and for $3, what a bargain. When I'm tired of it, I'll simply remove the trinkets and put them back in my goodie box.

I really wish I could find some more of these, this was such a fun and easy project.

And now for the Confession,
and a request for you to Fess Up.

This is a picture of the various bags I carry almost everyday with me.

Starting from Left to right, My Oliver Bag, used for work papers and files.
General sack bag, used to carry sold stuff back and forth for shipping.
Purse I just made, this goes everywhere
And the B&W bag is for when I go to one of my booth spaces, it has all my supplies.

And this is a pic of the "bags in waiting". These all have a specific use, or are waiting for a trip or Fall to be used. I just like them too much to shut them up in a closet.

What about you, How many bags do you carry on a regular basis.

Here's to being a Bag Lady.

Oh and One more thing, from the Strange but True File:

Look like anyone you know????

It's real : This Egyptian bust has become a popular attraction at Chicago's Field Museum because it's a spitting image of Michael Jackson, complete with a tweaked nose. It was carved between 1550-1050 BCE and depicts a woman. "Statue's a Dead Ringer for Jacko" (NBC Chicago)


trash talk said...

Don't get me started on a handbag roll count...would take too long. I love purses almost as much as I love shoes.
You just need to go get some denim and start making those bags yourself. They're cute!

ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage and Junkologie said...

Well, I can honestly say I am not a bag junkie. I prefer to carry my tiny 4x4x3 inch purse. It doesn't get in the way when I'm junking!! You will be glad to know that I found a great old army bag that I think I will transform in some way. Thanks for the inspiration!!


misselaineous said...

Bag Lady! You're too much!! Love the update on the $3 denim...ain't it great to have all those neat pieces at your fingertips when the inspiration hits?? The statue...OMG!!! I told my hubby i used to like M.J....when he was young, black and a male! Sorry any offense to any fans I may offend, but I like my folks real, not remade! Know what I mean?? Happy Sunday *elaine*

Anonymous said...

Margo-I'm not quite the bag junkie but I do have several I use. Your's are great. I bought one of your "garage sale" bags which I use quite often as it easy to carry and doesn't get in the way. My other favorite is an "army" bag type that carries all my "junk tools" when I head to the larger fleamarkets.


PS You are such an inspiration to us all--I use your site quite regularly when looking for projects. Thank you.

Cheri Peoples said...

I love purses but since money and condensing I am down to one all the time-for now.

Sorry-I've been out of commission -- terribly sick for over a week-- but do you want to know how I cut my grocery bill in half? go to Cut your grocery bills now plus I have a give a way and a new Mr Linky party starting tomorrow but Mr Linky will be up by 8 p.m. tonight

Its So Very Cheri

m.podoll said...

I used to buy 1 bag and use it untill it fell apart. Then one day a bought a little pink bag to take to a friends wedding. She likes everthing pink. Then i realized you could have more than one bag. I'm up to about 15. I'm looking at g-sales for one of those coat racks so I can display my bags and not hide them in the closet.

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