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Friday, September 4, 2009

More Junk Around the House

Now for my downstairs bathroom. This bathroom is really small. Basically a small cabinet with sink, toilet, and bath tub/shower. It is the only facilities on the ground floor and it has it's share of junk.

I used an old door handle as a towel holder just above the sink. And an old cup/toothbrush holder on the right has a candle in it.

There is a cabinet above the toilet, and it has a little built in shelf. I love this shelf for display. I have a couple of wick clips from old oil lamps, holding a family picture. And then an old group photo below that.

Above the window I have an old architectural piece as a valance, and then another random architectural piece above that.

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Elyse said...

what an adorable bathroom. my 1 bathroom isn't much larger!

cool elements throughout. thanks for sharing.


The Red Shed Girls said...

You can't throw a stick in your house, without hitting Great Junk!

Congrats on your son and new daughter!

Katie said...

Love the bathroom. You know what they say the smaller the house the more love inside. We have 2 baths "both are all but closet size." And for the saying above, more teen abuse happens in our bathrooms then anywhere else in America. Between the 5 of them there has been more yelling screaming and arguing then one mother can take,all over the bathroom. Anyways I really love the handle idea for the towel holder, brilliant. P.S. I love, love, love your blog! Have a great day!

terra @ said...

I just love all your ideas so far. Just started looking around. Found you by accident and your title sounded just up my alley. I put your button on my blog. Probably not a lot of traffic there, but thought you deserved a spot with all your cool ideas. Happy junkin'!!!

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