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Friday, October 23, 2009

More goodies, Glass Lamp parts

Ok all you totem makers out there, have I got something for you.

Lots and lots of glass lamp sections. These sections would be stacked to make lamp bases. They all have holes on both sides for a rod to go through. They'd be great for all kinds of projects. Prices run from $2-$4 depending on size.

I also have these great metal stencils, they are pretty big, about 6" tall. Many are red on 1 side, and brass on the other.
$1.50 ea

If you are interested in any of this please
Email Me

On another note, My friends,
the Red Shed Girls got some much deserved press
Take a look here for the article


Mindy said...

Love the lamp parts...can't think of a need for me...but, love 'em! ~Mindy

Cammie said...

Oooohhh, aawww, do I love those or what!~

Unknown said...

What great finds! Thanks for the mention, we appreciate it!
The Red Shed

The Whistle Stop said...

Hi Margo,
Are your bucket handles still available and how much are they? You had a lucky day of good finds!
Laurie :)

Jenny said...

Any chance there is a "J" or an "S"? Let me know!!

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