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Friday, October 16, 2009

Super Secret Junking Adventure

Last week I got an email from a blog reader. I had met her only once when we were both at the same antique store. She "recognized" me and introduced herself.

So Dee sends me an email and tells me of this great stash of junk, and we made plans to meet out there and dig through it all. She described it as 2 mobile homes full of stuff, mostly lamp parts.

It was awesome, I'll let the pics speak for themselves.

Thanks Dee for the info, lurkers like you are worth a million bucks!!!!!

There was a lot more than lamp parts there, you really had to dig and look. I went through both buildings several times, always finding some new treasure.

I couldn't even remember what all I had gotten by the time I got home.

I couldn't get it all home in my car, and will be going back for something I left next week. And taking some friends of course.

This is just a peak at what I got, I'll post pics of all my finds Sunday.

Don't forget, Saturday is the last day of the Gresham Barn Sale. Many things are 25% off. click barn on my side bar for details.


Sammy Girl said...

Mmmmm .... is it a GOOD thing or a BAD thing that I live too far away to visit this secret place?? lol!
Betty :)

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine what you fit in your vehicle! I am intrigued with that "red" frame in the it a chair of some sort?
:) Jan

David said...

The red thing looks like an old gas heater. Nice haul, Margo!

tna said...

waiting to see what you do with the old gas heater...I bought a great one today at a garage sale!!!

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