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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Update on Michelle

Update on My friend Michele:
"Dear friends and family,
We will be traveling to Houston on Sunday
(pray for safe travel) and we have
appointments with physicians on Monday.
It was not God's timing that
the procedure would be done this week. As it turns
out the best physician
for the procedure was
not available till this coming Monday.
The procedure is known as a
transcatheter arterial chemoembolization.
They will be treating 1/3
of her liver to shrink the
tumors and regain better liver function.
It will be at least a
month before they
can repeat the procedure. This is a serious
procedure so we ask for
you to pray
for God's intervention.Pray that He would
guide the doctor's hands and
Thank you for all your prayers. May the
Lord shower each and every one
of you
with blessings for the kindness and
love you have shown our


The Green Pea said...

God Bless you for your support and my prayers are with you and your friend. sandi

trash talk said...

I'm still keeping her in my prayers and I'll be sure and pray for a safe journey as asked.
P.S. Are you going to be putting any of your projects at W&T's? They sure are cute.

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