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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween at Margo's House

This year, for some reason, several of our friends are foreign exchange students. So I thought we should have a traditional halloween carving party to show them some American traditions. So we invited our good friends the Price's over, and when they come lots of fireworks come with them. So why not turn the Traditional party on it's head and blow some things up.

Here you see Atisha (alex's friend) from Zimbabwe in the white sweater, and Julian from Belgium on the far right in the white tshirt, the Price's are his host family. This part was pretty tame.

They did a great job for their first time carving pumpkins.

The Arsenal,the Price's also got several stuffed animals and dolls at garage sales to blow up as well.

Roger's Birthday gift. Oh I forgot to mention, it was Roger's BD. See the fuse???

Ok, time to turn tradition on it's end, and start blowing stuff up.
First was the BD Gift. Do not try this at home!

My future DIL enjoyed this entirely too much. See the lighter in her left hand, Kinda like a gun, ready for the next kill. :)

Anything and everything was open to being blown up. That's an empty Tidy Cat container.

The mess

Julian, proud of his KILL

I'm not sure what Atisha thought about all of this.

Allen, steals a kiss from his Fiance'

It was a BLAST, but I would not recommend you try this at home. There is a great video of an explosion "gone wrong" but no one was hurt. Seems like each time we do this the explosions get bigger and bigger. I'll try to get the video loaded up here later today.

I gave up trying to contain boys (of any age) and their fireworks years ago. We had hoses and fire extinguishers close at hand, and with all the rain we've had, it was no problem.

I must say, these are all
legally purchased fireworks saved up from the 4th of July. Nothing illegal gong on here. ;)


ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage and Junkologie said...

Those poor pumpkins never had a chance! :)

Maggie R said...

Oh My!!!!
Looks like you had a real good time...LOL
I am having a give-away to celebrate my Blogoversary... Come on over and enter to win..

Andi's English Attic said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun. Boys and fire - a dangerous but inevitable combination.

trash talk said...

Did y'all at least give them a head start?

David said...

Laughing at Debbie! Looks like you guys had a fun time!

Vickie said...

Ha - Wow it's been awhile since we've blown anything up at our house. Our neighbors across the street one time turned all their sprinklers on and sprayed their roof & trees when my sons were blowing things up. Ya think they were a little nervous? Ya think?

Looks like ya'll had a wonderful time, and Roger enjoyed his Bday celebration for sure - cute little fiance!

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