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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Michelle Update

Here is the latest update on Michelle, she wrote this herself. Thank you to all who have been called to pray. I have discovered that just about everyone in Tyler knows Michelle. I've heard people talking about it in Macy's. I was telling a friend the other day and she said "are you talking about Michelle T?" So she is our one degree of separation in this sweet east texas town I call home. Imagine how powerful it would be if she was healed. God has his plan, and we cannot know what it is. I do know that she only has 20% liver function, this procedure could destroy the whole liver if it goes bad, and that would not be good. Please pray over the procedure she is going through this week. Details are below. Bless you all.

Here comes the update to the best of our knowledge. We will plan on leaving Tyler about noon today so that we can be settled in Houston before dark.
First we will meet with our Melanoma specialist just for a general check up; and for all the pre admit stuff.
Next, we are supposed to be meeting wit the IR specialists who will actually place the chemo beads into the liver. This will be done in a special lab with a catheter through the groin and into the hepatic arteries. Apparently, this will be done in three different procedures. Unsure yet of the wait time between each one. We will be discussing options and i guess booking a time for the following day! I hope!
Although this drug has not really been used in Melanoma, it has been used in hepatic cell carcinoma( liver ca). We are hoping that if we can clean up enough of the liver then we can concentrate on the other drugs that will be used specifically for Melanoma.

So, that being said, here are a couple of requests;

1 Safe travel to Houston,
2 Appts go on time and as planned and that we will be there the least amount of time possible.
3 Please pray for my girls! They will be staying here and that just breaks my heart!
4 Please continue to pray for Andy!!! He is so strong for me. I know that he gets everybit of his strength from our Lord.

Last but not least I ask that you will ask God to bless each and every person that he has sent into our lives through this illness, this horrible disease. Whether they have been sent to bless us or that we have been sent to bless them, I just pray daily that we will do the will of God and fulfill these blessings.

It is very early and I am on pain meds, so i will go for now.

We will try to update as quickly as possible while we are there.



smith kaich jones said...

My best friend has been through 3 bouts of a very rare form of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and is alive and doing well 20 years or so after the first horrible diagnosis. Each time the cancer has reared its ugly head again, the treatment is better, easier. Miracles do happen. I will stop here before I sign off and say a prayer for Michelle, for all the things she so unselfishly requested.

xoxo to you both,

trash talk said...

I am continuing to lift her up in prayers. As you said, we don't know what God's plan is, but I can't help but feel He has a special one for her.

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