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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wonderful Find-Vintage Trinket Boxes- Lots of em

So I'm at this garage sale today. I'm not finding much, but I linger, to carefully search all the shelves and tables. Just as I was about to give up finding anything interesting I spy a box under a table. As I'm inspecting the contents, I hear the magic words. "If you take them all I'll, I'll sell them for $??." Let's just say it was a good deal, and it didn't take me long to accept. I'm learning to love buying in quantity. I really wasn't able to check out my treasure till I got home and I am not disappointed.

I've separated them into groups, I'll call this group (above) the color group

This will be the Victorian group

Below we have our enamel group. I don't know if this is real enamel, but I'm gonna call it the enamel group anyway. ;)

Most of the boxes are simply marked "Japan". I'm told this dates them to the mid 50's or earlier.

This is the Rose group

I don't think there are any solid silver ones, just silver and gold tone. And one copper tone seen below.

Above the heart group, and below the misc group.
Included is also an old powder box.

Wow thats 40 !!!!

I'm going to be pricing them between $14.99 to $3.00 each
Feel free to inquire, I'll be pricing and taking them to my booths soon.
Just email me by click the email link under the pic of me sleeping on the side bar.


The Green Pea said...

Those boxes are wonderful. Just in time for Christmas. sandi

Sammy Girl said...

Just one word .... WOW! Awesome find and good job.
Have a super weekend!
Betty :)

trash talk said...

Yowza! Talk about an impact grouping!!! I love piles...these kind of piles...not the other type! You could do something really cool with these for Christmas since you think so well outside the box...jewel box that is.
You are more than welcome to take whatever you need from my W&T's post....just promise me you won't mistake me for a pumpkin on a dark night!

glenda said...

Oh boy, what a wonderful find..I sure do like it when I can get a boxful of goodies cheap I can wait till I get home to look at it all...Like getting new magazines...awesome..
I bet you were hoping no-one would come after you saying...Oh that was a mistake, these aren't for sale...that actually happened to me one time...nothing that sweet, but still.. I say if it's not 4 sale, take it in the house..
happy day...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Instant collection! You did very well!

Andi's English Attic said...

Do you hear my gasps from here? It as though you discovered a pirate's hoard. That is such an exciting find and I bet you couldn't wait to get home to sort through them. Lucky, lucky you. xx

Sharon said...

whatever you paid ... it was a bargain. Congrats!

Found Around said...

What a great collection! Looks fun.

Anonymous said...

Awesome finds! Is the powder box the glass one in the last post?--it's beautiful.

Cynthia K. said...

Well, I'm in shock over this super sensational bargain you ran across. What a thrill it must have been for you! I'm just sighing with envy...

I just signed up as a follower because I don't want to miss a thing...

Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

Anonymous said...

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