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Friday, December 11, 2009

Fun New Project

Sorry I've been playing hookie this week. I'm trying to catchup at the "real job" and pay some attention to my family. The dogs needed to go to the Vet, and Christmas Errands needed to be run.
Good news is, I think I'm done with the bulk of my shopping, which means I can relax a bit and not be so anxious about the holidays.

Awhile back I found this cute little bottle and it screamed necklace to me.

I've gotten so many compliments on it that I've decided to make some more. Right now I'm hunting for just the right bottles.
On my hunt I found this great heart shaped bottle, but it was kinda large. I have a dealer friend who loves to wear big chunky necklaces and I knew it was perfect for her.
So last night I brought it home and transformed it.

You can see how much larger it is than mine in the pic below.

I can't wait to give it to her tomorrow.
So if you know of a good supply of small perfume sample bottles in various shapes I'd love to know about it. As far as I've seen no one else is really making these. Finally an original idea. Sometimes I feel like all I do is copy other folks ideas or simply morph them a bit.

I'm looking for interesting shapes, that are kinda flat on one side at least, not too round or square. My mind is even spinning with ideas for next year's ornaments.
Have a great weekend.


icandy... said...

That necklace is so pretty! I'll bet you could run across some cute vintage bottles thrifting at a flea~market or some second hand stores. They wouldn't be multiples of the same kind, but you could pick up some unique, one-of-a-kind beauties! Just a thought... :)
Have a great weekend!!

CC said...

Oh My!!!! Your necklaces are just beautiful What a fantastic idea. I just love these and I sure hope you can find more bottles. These are too pretty not to make more...

Anonymous said...

Both are very pretty Margo..I especially love the smaller heart!
Enjoy the holiday season!

Kudzu said...

so pretty and feminine! i'm sorry i never see any nice flat sided bottles of any kind. i love pearls and lace...thanks for sharing!

David said...

So creative! They look great. Good luck in your search for perfume bottles.

red.neck chic said...

Oh my goodness - that is gorgeous!!! I saw it last night on your blog and this morning I was lookin' for you... but to no avail (yet!!!). I've got my eye lids open and my heart set (hee-hee) on comin' across the mother-load for you!

Have a great week-end!!! Luv the necklaces!!!

;-) robelyn

Six in One Hand said...

Okay margo,
You already know how much I am breaking a commandment over here by coveting that necklace.
(I have been since Winnie and Talula's).
Will be on the look out for you some bottles...just make me one...pleeeeeeeeze

trash talk said...

I'll keep both eyes open for you. Fabulous idea...'course you know, it will copied out the wazoo thur causing perfume bottles to go sky high...right?

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