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Friday, December 4, 2009

Inspiration from Judy Hill

As I said before, I was very inspired by Judy Hill's open house to come home and get started on my holiday decorating.

First I went out into the yard with clippers and clipped me a bunch of natural green stuff.

Then I began putting bunches of green stuff all over my hutch, which I had already started holiday-ifying before. I made up that word :)

got a musical theme going on below

I love this canvas bag that has words of wisdom about gloves. Of course I've got a pair of gloves spilling out of it, as well as an old rusty bell.

Had to decorate the toilet

Below- this is just a bit different from last year

And you've seen this before, I added the balls, and some natural twigs with berries for the Holidays.

We'll that's a start.


trash talk said...

And a really good start to boot! It's beginning to look like Christmas!

whitey said...

love the funnels!

TinaTx said...

Looking great, Margo! Can't wait to see more.

Miss G said...

I have those same old vintage cash register price things and I love them. I just found your blog today from someone's blogroll, who knows where at this point. If I'm ever in Tyler I'd love to visit the shop that has your "junk". :) Kelly

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