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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Directory of Shops and Friends from FMS Canton Article

Thank you to everyone who want's to know more about Canton First Monday Trades Days as shown in the Flea Market Style Summer 2010 Magazine. Below I have a little more specific information for you.

All photo's for the article were taken by my Son Allen, Allen Arrick Photography

Photo of Ki with Petticoat in front of collage made by Maggie of The Veranda.
The Veranda is now located in the Canton Civic Center

The Porch is located between the Civic Center and the Arbors.
You can't miss the sign.

Carnival Clowns and other Murphrey Carnival items, available just outside the civic center as you enter the "fields"

Donna the Linen lady is still set up in the Civic Center just outside the ladies restroom. You can view her blog Here

Donna & Rhonda of Curious Goods are still located every month in the Civic Center, as is
Lilly of the Junk Palace. Both of these ladies also sell at Winnie & Tulula's in Athens Texas

Doorknob Bob has been selling at the same place for years. He's in the field near the "kabob" restaurant, just outside the civic center.

Gary Fleet, who is noted in the article as "by the creek near the bridge" is still there and has great junk, with well marked and fair prices.

Click here for larger view of this simple map of some of the flea market

As stated in the article, I like to use the Blue Roof of the Civic Center as my point of reference as I shop.

The field is empty in this picture but on First Monday weekend, it surely is not.

You can view some more shots of our day in Canton by visiting my Son's Photo blog here

You can read more about First Monday Trades days in Canton Texas Here

Basic instructions for making the Breakfast Burritos
that were mentioned in the article
Fry up some Jimmy Dean Sausage (or sausage of your choice)
Scramble Some Eggs
Warm up some lg Flour Tortillas
After the eggs and sausage have cooked, combine them in a pan and then scoop them into the tortillas. Roll up tortillas, and store them in foil until ready to eat.
To spice it up you can add picante sauce, cheese, onions, etc. before you roll up your tortilla.


Amy Kinser said...

Hey Margo. My husband makes something similar to your burritos but he also adds little hashbrowns to it and then adds cheese on top of all of that. So we have eggs, sausage, hashbrowns, covered in cheese, wrapped up. Oh my, they are good. My kids call them Daddy's breakfast surprise. Big treat!!

Restyled Home said...

Margo! You feature was excellent! You must be so proud and excited. Allen's shots were beautiful and it was so fun to see someone else I know in the mag. It sure looks like somewhere I could get lost...except I don't think I would be in a hurry to be found!


The Whistle Stop said...

Hi Margo,
Congratulations on the article and your son's photos! I finally found the magazine yesterday! I haven't had a chance to talk with Cammie lately. I know she's busy with the Bauchman's project with Ki. Canton looks like a fun place to go, maybe someday I'll get there.
It's been fun looking at the magazine and saying, "I've met these girls!"

Tracey said...

Hi Margo! Thanks so much for coming by my blog for a visit! I've never been to your blog before...but it is wonderful!!! The chalkboard hang tags you saw on my blog are metal and I ordered them from Jeanne d' Arc Living when I ordered all of the merchandise for my shop! Hope you're having a good weekend ~

:) T

Vickie said...

Hi Margo - about the arsonists - I compared the pictures, too, but they weren't the same. I don't know how well a person's recollection of faces actually can be transferred perfectly to a piece of paper without the artist having seen that person. I just hope this is the beginning of the end!

elinAnita (eddaskreativiteter ) said...

Hello Margo....:)
I have just sent you a mail...I am desperatly after to get my "dirty" hands in the Flea Market Magazin:)
I hope you can help ME:)
I am a junk addic in my heart...if you visit my blog you will se a lot of stuff that I have collected....I have a webshop to...there I sell used stuff in all aged and styles:)
I hope to hear from you sooon..
Have a nice day....
hugs from elin anita
No I will look around her and see what you are dooing up with:)

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