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Sunday, February 14, 2010

More Jewelry Fun

With all the winter coldness, Indoor projects have been abundant this past week.
I've had fun with letterpress symbols and made some pendants and a pr of earrings (i'm keeping)

Notice the Chain on these pendants

What I did was to take 3 different colors of ball chain from the hardware store. Cut them the same length. Wire wrap the ends and made loops, and then added a clasp. Then before I put them on , I twist them like the old twister beads from the 80's. They can be twisted loos or tight. I love the look.

These are small letter press exclamation points. They are also very light.

The earrings below are made from small brass tags I got off etsy. They are a lot lighter than they look.

And while browsing some mags yesterday at the book store, I saw a pillow similar to this one, and had the "i can do that" moment. Came home and whipped up this sample. Pretty easy. I think they'd look fun with numbers and black background fabric.

Dh and I also hit 1 garage sale and I ended up getting all this with his encouragement. Now I have to clean it, paint it and of course Sell it.

6 large white rockers
2 wicker settee's
and 2 wicker chairs

Have a great Valentines Day


Linda said...

Looks like a fun junkin' day! Good haul! Love your jewelry pieces, too- especially the exclamation points!

Linda said...

I really like the jewelry. Those earrings are great. Good gosh lots of rockers to paint and sell!

Vickie said...

Cute earrings Margo. I remember those twister beads. I had slews of them.

Are those rockers all wood? You keepin' em or selling some of 'em? I might need one for my front porch! Or maybe two...

Legacy Crafter said...

looks like you had one FUN day! I love days like those (doing whatever you want).

God Bless,
Legacy Crafter

Debbie P. said...

I'm lovin' all that wicker! And I like the 3 ball chains twisted like that; nice look!

trash talk said...

I don't usually like rockers, but I love your six. Do you have any idea what you are going to sell them for?

red.neck chic said...

Margo - I love the pillow!!! That is so cool! And the jewels... I'm drooling! Great finds with the furniture!!!

;-) robelyn

TinaTx said...

Great jewelry pieces! Don't blame you at all for keeping them! LOL

Loved the picture of your house in the snow!

Vee said...

Great haul from the garage sale! Very nice jewelry, too. Are the brass ones the ones you're keeping?

Jamie said...

Those are so cute! I especially love the ones with the pearl beads on them, but I am on a pearl kick right now ;).
I used to have dozens of those twister beads! I loved them.

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