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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Photo Skills

My new years resolution this year was to work on taking better pictures. I've borrowed my husband's 35 mm camera, and with a little advise from my son, have started that process.
Here's just a little bit of my playing.

I thought that all these clean white rockers in my yard was just funny, Not real happy with the photo quality though. Working on focus and depth of field.
It is a fun picture though. It'd be better if the grass were green.

above and below, I'm getting the knack of the Depth of field (focus close up, blurry background) Turns out that not only is the f-stop important, but the object in focus needs to be pretty close up. That is why I couldn't get the rocker pic to work right.

Below, I took this for my web store, Shows a place setting and one of my chalk board tags used as a place marker.

The depth of field issue seems to be working in this pic

I'll keep working at it. I used to be into photography years ago in my 20's. I never quite got it all figured out, and then I just quit. Now with digital you can instantly see what you are doing right or wrong so it's easier. And it helps to have a photographer son that I can call for help.


jmac said...

Next thing you need to practice with is photoshop...then you can make that grass green!!!!!
and what in the world are you doing with so many white rockers??!!!!!!!

Necel said...

I've vowed to take better photos as well. I think a big part of my problem is laziness.

I really like the last photo in your post. It's very good.

Necel from the Old House in Texas

alice said...

I am impressed! I really like the focal point bird! Keep up the good work!
smiles, alice

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Look at you having fun behind the lens. And the rocker pic is groovy. I get what you were going for. Fun! ~Mindy

Caroline said...

Margo I love the pic with all the white rockers. I wouldn't mind one of those to put on the porch that I don't have! I received my magazine yesterday that I won from you...thanks again. I am still devouring it one page at a time!

Jenny said...

Have fun practicing your photography. I look forward to watching your progress!

craftymarta said...

Margo, how many white rockers you have? Just curious, looks like a lot. Good luck with the camera. I thought your pictures were really nice, the proof will be your beautiful calendar. I was getting the hang of this blogging thing and my husband just bought a new Mac and is starting all over again. Blessings, Marta.

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