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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Winnie & Tulula's Window and Re-set

Let's take a break from Round Top for a day so I can show you what I've been doing at my space at Winnie & Tulula's

It was my turn to do the window. I saw the idea to use the bicycle wheels from Anthropologie (I think). I had 5 of them, and 2 were hot pink and wonderful.

I just filled in the rest with spring stuff and some metal letters that spell Play.
I think it made a fun and unique window display.

Then on to the booth reset.

I copied a picture of Bachman's store for my re-set

My oldest Son, Allen came to help me with the heavy stuff and took some pics while he was there. He has such a good eye. The one above is his pic.

I got this green bin set at Round Top, it's perfect for my space, Nobody buy it please!!!!

I changed everything and removed a bunch of stuff for the upcoming
Gresham Barn Sale

I added new stuff too.
The items above and below are new from Round Top. Above is something, but I'm not sure. I think it's a rack for brooms and such. There is a piece of wood, with metal arms and a wooden ball between each arm. I have 3 of them and, I think they would be great art for the wall. Very industrial and unique. Not sure what the thing below is, but it's round, metal and I think copper. Also great for the wall.

Well that was my day at Winnie & Tulula's. The weather is so nice here, I love Spring. I need to stop and enjoy it, because it is so short and Summer will be here with a vengeance very soon. Nights and mornings are cool, and the days are warm, but sometimes with a cool breeze. It feels like California to me.


Just for You said...

Loved all the pictures you took this week, hope you had a good time. I really like the new setup.I love to know how much are your movie sets in the picture. please let me know
take care
jocelyn townsend
wylie, tx

Just for You said...

I forgot to leave my e-mail
thank you

Six in One Hand said...


As always, you never fail to impress and inspire!!!
Awesome window!!!

Becky@Beyond The Picket Fence said...

Love the bike wheels--nice job on the window display!

Prior said...

It looks great!!! I want to make it back over to W & T's soon! Thanks for all the pics of Round Top. Lezlee

Debbie P. said...

Thanks for allowing us to live vicariously thru you! Your window display is so cool! I love the china wreath on the old screen door! And thanks for all the Roundtop pix and your explanation of it all; I was very confused. Now go prop your feet up; you deserve a break girl!

Vee said...

Thank you for letting us know that you borrow an idea every now and then, too. Your window display is amazing. I would NOT be able to resist walking by that shop upon seeing it.

Patty said...

Everything looks great, I love how bright the pink is!

Jill said...

The window set looks great--I think I saw Robelyn use bicycle wheels somewhere too. We have a bike I WAS going to dump in the town's spring fling. Not now! I'll probably be asking if I can grab wheels from what others dump there.

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