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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bird Watching-what is happening just outside my back door

Just a step outside my back door is this little miracle

Baby Cardinals nesting. I watched as mom and dad built the nest, I waited patiently for the brown speckled eggs to hatch

And now I watch as mom and dad work tirelessly to keep the 3 little chicks fed

I am always amazed when I get to observe nature

It's a rare glimpse of what goes on around us all the time


They are growing, and have a mohawk tuft of fine feathers on their heads, that is hard to photograph..
They are head out of the nest most of the time, except when I go out to take a pic. Then they hunker down inside the nest. Watch for daily updates.
There are 3 of them. I've named them Larry Mo & Curley

The kids grow up fast. Yesterday they all flew the nest and I was there with camera to catch some of it. First this little guy jumped to a nearby branch

Then he was followed by his brothers/sisters and I was left with only this.

I watched as mom and dad guided the little birdies to a nearby bush and that was it. They are still out there I bet, but not for my eyes to see. I hope you enjoyed this little peak into nature.

God is in the details

I'll be updating this post as these little ones grow and then fly off. Keep an eye on this post for updated pictures. These little ones change quickly, and grow visibly everyday. They'll be gone before you know it.

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Linda said...

Love the photos, amazing to watch nature like this!

Kim@kimmykats said...

Oh my goodness! I have tears as I look at the wonderful pictures. I have always wanted to see a cardinal nest --we have so many come to our feeders. Thank you ..Thank you..Thank you!!

Diane Costanza said...

Wow! That is soemthing else! It is one thing to see it on the Nature Channel, but to have it live in your yard is one of God's blessings. How wonderful for you!


Maureen said...

Wow - what a treat to watch! Thanks for sharing.

Randi said...

What an amazing thing to watch. Thanks for sharing the photos.wa

Laura Lowe said...

These are incredible photos! We had a cardinal nest a couple of years ago, but I wasn't able to get a good view into the nest.

Martha said...

Wonderful photos, I look forward to seeing them grow!

Vickie said...

Beautiful photos, Margo!!! We have some baby mockingbirds that just hatched right under my kitchen window. I must get out there and take some pictures! you've inspired me!

Donna said...

Great pictures! My, you sure can get close to that nest! And those young'uns are so homely when they're young, LOL.

Greatma said...

The birds were lovely. We had a family of Doves. The babies just flew away on the weekend. So much fun to watch from nest building to egg laying, and hatching.
Antique Rose

Anonymous said...

That's terrific! Going to show my kids when the wake up. Thanks for posting that.

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