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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Give Away over at The New Junk Bonanza Blog

Hop over to the new Junk Bonanza Blog
for a chance to win early bird tickets for the next show in September.

Tell em I sent ya.


Some details about Saturday's Sale at Winnie & Tulula's

A little note on how it will work. Outside vendors will be collecting payments outside, and inside items can be purchased at the checkout. The shopping will be inside and out and there will be plenty of airconditioning inside and cold treats as well. Please note that outside vendors will not be able to take credit cards, so bring plenty of cash. It's dealin' time.

Remember the cardinals? Well they left the nest this weekend, click the icon on the right to see it all in pictures


We are almost done with our side garden, so click the other icon to see that progress.

Have a great week


Tamarah said...

Yarrrrrrrrrrr Margo I KNEW it...THANKS for the 'heads up'.....Me & my paper bag have just been over to Junk Bonanza to register our delight....!!!

Tamarah :o)

TinaTx said...

Your side garden is looking fab!

commoncents said...

Just wanted to say I always enjoy going to your blog! Keep up the superlative work!!

Common Cents

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