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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gone Junkin!!!!

Headed to Arkansas for the hwy 64 sale, can't wait to show you what I find.

Got maps!

Llots of water, Trailer, Blankets, and Rope, and of course a dolly!

Comfortable, yet oh so un-stylish clothes
of course

See you on the junk pile


The Smith Hotel said...

Have fun! Take lots of pictures and find great JUNK!


Vintage and Company said...

It's going to be an adventure!!!I'm glad to share it with you! See you in the am!

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Oh Margo I'm SO WITH YOU in spirit....!!

Find HEAPS & travel SAFE....!!

I look forward to your pics....!

Tamarah :o)

Brenda Pruitt said...

I'll see you in your little spot at the antique mall behind the blue store. Forget what it's called at the moment. I love to shop your booth. Have fun!

Uncovered Ruby said...

Cute post..I love the downtown sign! Have fun junkin'!
Lisa ;-)

trash talk said...

Maps...y'all don't need no stinkin' maps. Just keep the junk radar on. Remember...y'all are the Texas Pickers. Have fun and take loads of photos.
Cat Daddy went up there a couple of years ago...actually about 5...we had a blast!

Vicki@MorePowerfulBeyondMeasure said...

Guess my invitation to go with you got lost in the mail...LOL!! I am ready to go on a yard sale adventure! Can't wait to see all your finds, with your eye, I know they will be wonderful! Have fun and buy lots! Vicki

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