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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Junk Bonanza Day 1

Once again, the Junk Bonanza does not disappoint. If you want to read about my time rooming with Tamara and introducing her all around, pop over to her blog and you can read her great narrative of the trip as of last night. For now I thought I'd just load a few pics of some great stuff and vendors. Not too many as I'm on my laptop and just don't have time. Above are some wonderful old bus signs from England and some from the US. They were on a roll and would change as the bus traveled to pick up for different destinations. I got the one that Says Trinity on top. I think I may pop back to pick up another tomorrow. They are just too cool.
JB dealer extraordinaire Cammie, will do just about anything for a sale. Here here husband holds up a map that Tamara was considering purchasing, as we turn the pages to look at all the great graphics.
What a trooper he was, and of course Tamara got the map. She has not been without that grin for the whole trip.

Below are Tamara and myself with Gretchen in her booth of lovely repurposed jewelry.
I just love coming here every year and seeing many of my blog buddies in person. It feels kinda like coming home and the bonus is that everyone I meet "gets it!" I'm with my own junking kind here, and it's so much fun. And the weather is cooler and it's so nice to get a break from that Texas heat. :)
More pics soon, I promise. If you want more backstory pop over to Tamara's blog for all the 411.

Oh and I especially want to thank all the bloggers who stopped to say hello. It is so nice to meet all of you and even if you are just lerking, I feel such a connection to all my readers.
Thank you for saying hello, I'm glad you did.


Gracie's Cottage said...

It was GREAT to meet you and Tamarah...hop on over to my blog to see a photo of the two of you!


The Whistle Stop said...

Oh Margo, I am so wishing I were there this year! Looks like you all are having a wonderful time! I'll just have to live it through everyone's blog & picutres. Tell Cammie it was good to see her smiling face in your pictures and tell David that I see he continues to be a good sport!
Hugs to all,

Starla said...

So fun to see your adventures! Thanks for sharing! And you are definitely missing (or rather NOT missing) the Texas heat. 96 today and so humid!
Have fun - see you soon at the barn.

Prior said...

Love your bus signs...
I have been bloggy buds with Tamara for awhile now...I just enjoy her blog so much.
Glad you had a good time!!

Gretchen said...

Awesome Margo to see you once again at your annual jaunt up to MN for JB. I hope you had a great time and look forward to visiting with you next year. A bit crazier this year, so will just have to be better prepared each year. :)

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