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Thursday, September 2, 2010

She's a Bad Influence On Me

That was the montra as Jodi and I visited Canton first Monday trades days this week.

Our goal was to pick up a few of our Arkansas treasures that were being brought to us by one of our Canton dealer friends. He happily agreed to bring these things down to us as our trailer was too FULL at the time.
You can read all about that trip here, but not until you finish this post :)

We had to pick up 3 pieces of metal furniture, a drafting table and an old industrial cart. No small items there!!!!

I just love this old industrial cart, imagine it as one of those industrial coffee tables like was in Restoration Hardware.
It's at Winnie & Tulula's right now, but you might have to ask about it, as it's in the "back room".

So with empty trailer in tow, Jodi and I headed down the road.
And then it happened, the first thing Jodi bought was an 8' table!!!!

Can you believe it? That girl is not afraid of large items at all. But who could blame her, It was a great table, and I can see why she couldn't pass it up. Afterall we have a 10' trailer right. Well we managed to get it all packed and were heading down the isles to the exit and what do we spy? Something else she just has to have, that girl does drive-by shopping :)

Well we found a way to get it all in there and managed to get it where it needed to go.
This is the inside of the truck. Now remember this is my Dh's truck and I've been sworn not to put junk inside it and scratch it up. "I promise, I'll take care of your truck", I always say. Shhh don't tell anyone how much stuff we crammed in there. We were careful afterall.

Now for a whatzit?
do you know what it is and can you possible imagine what I am going to do with it?


Tamarah said...

Oh Margo I am GREEN as....I LOVE each piece....That table Jodi snaffled is AWESOME....!!

I'm very interested in your 'whatzit' & the plans you have for it....!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)

Megan said...

Your picture gave me flashbacks of high school chemistry. Isn't that what you'd use to hold test tubes or beakers over a bunson burner?

Gresham Barn Sale said...

You know when we bring the trailer we HAVE to fill it up!( and we are good at that!) It was fun!

Nank said...

Are you sure it all came together originally? It looks like a marriage of sorts. It looks medical in nature, especially that top piece. It kind of resembles the dreaded "stirrup"!


Marge of Emmas Nook and Granny said...

Megan is correct. I can smell the acrid smoke coming from the old chemistry room just thinking about it!

Sweet as June said...

get me in that truck!!

Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

That is pretty hilarious ! I love seeing all of the shopping gals with their big ol trailers full of stuff ~
I love it all but have to stick to the small things to ship easier ~

It was great seeing you there even though I didn't until I posted your pic ~
Hehe !

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