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Friday, October 1, 2010

Weekend Finds

In Texas, in the heat of the Summer only novice folks have garage sales. After all who want's to sit on 100 degree heat all day waiting for something to sell. So as the weather cools down just a bit the good stuff starts to come out.

Today I was only able to hit 2 sales and I chose well.

Lots of small items that my customers love. A whole group of cool baby shoes,
Glass door knobs galore, and door plates too. Love the waffle rosettes, and I found some vintage Christmas for another project I'm working on.

Not bad for just 2 sales.


Vickie said...

Good job, girl - the doorknobs are my favorite! I didn't get to go this weekend! Shoot!

Anonymous said...

I would have challenged you for several of those items. We "junk" alike.

Vicki said...

I'll be out in the morning at some annual church rummage sales in our small town getting my "junk on." Great finds today!

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