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Friday, November 26, 2010

Old School Christmas

Decorating for Christmas has become quite a chore for me in recent years. I start in November at booth space #1, then help at show #2 and then it's off to Booth #3 for the final Christmas Open house. B the time it is truly the Christmas Season, I'm tinseled out.

The tree is the hardest part for me, First there is the hauling it down, then putting it up and stringing lights. By that time my family has pooped out and abandoned me.

So this year called for a change in strategy. Mom and her DH came over for Thanksgiving. I had already decided to do an old aluminum tree this year, just to mix things up. The tree was easy as pie to get down and put up. They need to make all trees this way, all the branches the same size, and a single branch. 1 box, a center dowel and voila you are done.

So after TG dinner I hauled all male members of the family up to the attic to help bring down the boxes of orns. Task #1 completed!!!!

Then, knowing that most of the orns I would be using would be the old ones, I began to choose them, put hooks on them, and handed them over to the guys to place evenly all over the silvery branches. Being a small tree this task was finished toot-sweet before everyone pooped out.

Gradually the tree came to life and even Mom got in on the act.

This "outside the box" strategy seemed to acheive it's goal and I think it may be a new tradition. Now the tree is up, and the season has just begun.
This tree was actually saved from a dumpster from a friend of mine who works at a storage facility (thank you Vicky). So it's not just an aluminum tree, it's a "green" tree. (Chuckle)

I found the rotating wheel only recently and I knew that it would be a keeper. The limbs really do pick up the light from the rotating wheel, especially at night.

Now for my favorite part, decorating the house :)

Time to get into the Holiday Season with
Winnie & Tulula's Christmas Open House Tonight in Athens Texas. See you there.


Charlotte said...

I agree with you! Decorating for Christmas is hard but taking it down is harder! Love the tree!

Gracie's Cottage said...

Great retro tree - love it!

A Cottage Muse said...

I am son loves to help me do the tree. I love your retro tree ~ brought back lots of memories!!

artteachergirl said...

I love your silver tree!
I have one, but it needs a little TLC...I found mine stuck back at a flea market for $2. I still have to lug out the big 9 footer, but maybe I'll use the silver one on my porch.
Yours looks great! Best, Vicki

Shelley said...

Love your tree Margo....looks wonderful. Did your family have them when you were young? I remember having one and I loved it. That wheel was a great find,not to mention the "Green" is always good :) Have a blessed Christmas season...Shelley

Vee said...

Oh I always laugh about Vickie's dumpster diving, but I'm not laughing this morning. What a wonderful find and gift. It looks delightful and the color wheel is perfect. Glad that you had help with the tree this year. It's no fun to do it alone!

Farmchick said...

Excellent tree and wishing I had one!

Alicia ~ time worn style said...

super cool idea, I have an 8foot monster tree waiting for me under the stairs so I know what you are talking about!!

from me to thee......... said...

I LOVE your tree, the ornaments, color wheel and what I can see of your home. I remember those silver trees from my youth, brings back wonderful memories...smiles, Linda

slommler said...

I so remember the aluminum tree with the wheel. Good memories! Yours looks terrific!!
I love Christmas and decorating and shopping. All fun!!!

Susannah said...

I love the silver tree!

Six in One Hand said...

I love it Margo!!!

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