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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Treasures-Good things come in Small Packages. And What's it like at your house???

I decided to get in my workroom and try to organize my itty-bitties. I love small little treasures. My usual mode of operation is to have them dumped out on a tray and to rummage through them, but I decided that using one of my old letterpress stamp trays would be a more efficient way to keep my treasures organized
I keep organizing the work table, but it ends up like this in no time. I guess creativity = mess!!!

And that brings me to my next issue. Do any of you have trouble with your guys. I mean do they whisper things under their breath about your junk, refuse to turn to a good garage sale saying things like "when you get rid of what you've got I'll take you to sales" or imply that you are a hoarder when you are not even close to one!!!! Well this is my life right now. I love Mr. R but I told him to QUIT last night. I said "I've got the message and "I'm working on getting all of my "inventory" out of the house so you don't have to look at it, so just hush about it". Haven't heard a peep since. The difference between my junk and his, is
Mine is all for sale!!!!

His is... well lets just say, not going anywhere soon.
And this is only 1 bay of our garage. This little restoration project now takes up 2 bays and part of the driveway.

He's got no room to complain.
What's it like at your house?


Kelly Ballard said...

Hi Margo,

Poopsie tolerates my habits. When I first opened my shop 5 years ago he volunteered to do repairs for me. That ended after a couple of years though. Now I only buy things that need a quick paint job. When the weather is nice I haul everything out into the driveway to work on it. He HATES this and feels like it "trashes up" the neighborhood.

Can this marriage me saved?

Second Hand Chicks

Roz said...

My husband tells me I need to join a 12 step program.

tricia said...

I just try to keep all of my stuff organized and put away neatly so he really does not know how much stuff I have :).

afistfullofweeds* said...

I just got that hoarder comment just the other day. I just told him, he was the pot calling the kettle black!

Junk-it Junction... said...

Mine threatens to bring in a skip bin all the time, I know he will one day! He hates it, but he has almost as much mess to worry about!
My junk sells too, but I quickly replace it....

slommler said...

Thankfully mine understands my "hoarding"! Ha! And tolerates it all very nicely! Bless his heart!
He is such a trouper!

Vicki said...

I have stuff hidden all over the house! lol Then, I forget where it is. Need it out for inspiration. Our local antique store is called, "Hidden Treasures." That is also what I call the trunk of my van 99% of the time! lol Could shop your desk, Margo. So many good things in those photos! Take care.

Vicki at Rusty Rooster Vintage

Alicia ~ time worn style said...

our house is pretty much the same!! I try to put some method into my madness though but doesnt always work. I have decided its not about how big or small the house is, you tend to fill it up anyway!

Jill said...

That is funny! My husband is fine with it's my kids that have issues with me! My son quoted the homily from Mass to me a couple of weeks ago. As I was heading off to an auction he said, "Mom, before you go, go look at the store rooms and say, 'I have enough'." Hhhmmm...I told him I'm trying to generate an income!

Vee said...

My hubby would never dare to say a peep about my stash as he has a two-story, three-bay barn filled to the rafters with his treasures. I, on the other hand, have been known to be less than charitable about it all sometimes even referring to it as "junk." You'd love it there, Margo! It's probably got many things that you could use.

Anonymous said...

Hi, First time commenting on your blog. I'd like to say "Amen Sister!" My husband and I just had that same conversation. He said that I spend too much $$ at auctions. And I said, but I buy to ultimately make money. When he buys something it goes out in his garage, which looks very much like yours. PS: He usually spends more than I do. But he's the muscles around here and I love him. Really enjoy your blog too.

A Cottage Muse said...

Hi Margo ~ while my mister is very supportive and helpful he is at the same time a pain about space which I sometimes quickly fill with "stuff". You have to buy when you see I keep telling him!

VintageLalo said...

Hey Margo,
LOL!! When you enter our driveway, the Sanford & Son song plays! Had to rent a 40 ft tractor trailer for 'treasure' storage...Yeah, I'm feelin' your Junkster Angst...But you make Waaaay Cooool Junk...Keep on Junkin', We're Lovin' It!...Lalo.

Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

Mine looks about like yours, except no work table, mu junk for jewels is scattered on my floor! Hugs, Janna

artteachergirl said...

Well let's upstairs bedroom has been turned into my work room. He put up floor to ceiling shelves for me in there:-) Shelves were free from his office when they moved. So whether he likes my junk or not, he helps corral it.
He spent today helping me store some of my *junk* treasures and taking apart a cabinet to salvage parts. Cabinet found by the road I might add, and he loaded it. So far, no hoarder remarks have surfaced, but sometimes I see it in his eyes. However, he is happy when something sells, and he likes my creations. He also knows if he makes an unkind comment about my junk stash, I'll retaliate with a computer in every closet remark. Goes both ways at my house, I guess:-)

trash talk said...

First...I never, ever post photos of my work area...gotta a rep to protect and second...have you met my husband? Good gravy girl...he's worse than me. The difference is I take it on to my work area...he drops everything by the front door! Move over Fred Sanford...there's a new Cat in town!

Sherri said...

Margo, that is tooooo strange!!! We had almost the same conversation at my house Saturday afternoon!! My husband would be happy with a big screen, a big comfy recliner and nothing else in the room. It drives me crazy. Our house is not overly cluttered, but I have a lot of little tables and cabinets with lots of vignettes. He threw that "hoarder" word around and made me gasp!!!!
"How dare you", (in my very best theatrical voice)I am nothing like those people, my stuff is very neatly displayed and arranged almost OCD-ISH!! He still doesnt get it, never will, but I forgave him, even though I pouted for a day!!! LOL!!

countreepeddler said...

Did you come to my house to take your pictures. My garage is a three car and let me tell you that there are three collector cars in it. One of which is not finished. I had taken over half the garage and while gone to the 127 yard sale my husband bought me a portable building. I managed to get most of it out of the garage and into it but the rest had to go into our 14 trailer. I have stuff everywhere. I am not a hourder just a pack rat.

Tamarah said...

LOL Margo....I've just read through everyone's comments with a BIG KNOWING SMILE on my face....So many stories yet EACH eerily the same....! Except for Deb (lucky bugger....!) & Alicia....Alicia is a FIBBER though 'cause I've been to her place & there is NOTHIN' untoward goin' on there let me tell you....!!

I must admit though to feelin' bad for Mr SVJ....He has ONE area in this house that is SUPPOSED to be 100% his & that's our single garage....Yet my junk takes up MORE than it's fair share of room....Alas, with our 'four seasons in one day' here in Melbourne I CAN'T leave it outside 'cause they're mostly wood pieces which would be ruined if they got wet....These are small furniture projects waiting to be completed so I can't take them around the corner to the little storage unit we have 'cause ONLY finished stuff lives there....!

We each have an office yet mine is so CHOKKAS with ELPRIMO junk for the next SVJ-X I've had to convert the wardrobe into my actual working office & MR SVJ's office is 2/3 filled with my stuff also.

Recently, HR has been close to home in an AWESOME area & there has been SO MUCH good stuff I've made TWO trips home each day to unload....Granted, some has gone to the Market, some to the storage unit, some to my office....But there's STILL a lot of stuff waiting to be sorted & put SOMEWHERE....

And I SWEAR....I am NOT A HOARDER....Just light on space....hahahahahaha....!

LOVE your work area by the way....!!

Cheers from Oz,
Tamarah :o)

JunkinJane said...

my husband has an old car in the garage too!

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