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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Eco Friendly Christmas Ideas

My DH runs across the weirdest stuff in his internet surfing adventures. When he finds something he thinks I might like he forwards it to me. So again, all the credit for this goes to him. to view more go to the web site.

We'll start with these recycled Christmas light earrings and pendant.
That'll light up your life :)

And this, outside the box Grocery Cart Christmas Tree

Yep, those are grocery carts, Lots and Lots of grocery carts.
Ok so you might not want to try this one at home :)

But this one made out of Mountain Dew Cans might be just right for you.

click the links for the stories, and enjoy this quirky and fun eco site.
Merry Junkin Christmas


red.neck chic said...

Oh - you KNOW I need some Christmas lights danglin' from my ears! LOL Those are GREAT! I'm going to go look at the site!

Merry Christmas!!!
;-D robelyn

Andi's English Attic said...

Well, from a DISTANCE that can tree looks OK! :) xx

Gracie's Cottage said...

Those are the shopping cart tree especially!

Have a Merry Christmas!

slommler said...

Love the Mountain Dew tree!! Very cool!
Merry Christmas and hugs

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