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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Flea Market Style First peaks

I've been as excited as you to see this issue of Flea Market Style.

You might think as a "contributor" I'd have all kinds of sneak peaks, but I really haven't. I've had a few if I was involved in any way with the story, but that is it. It has been mostly a mystery for me.

My roll is mainly blog oriented, So I was so thrilled to find my mug on the contributors page.
Just a little FYI,the FMS Blog has a new bonafied writer, Kim Yeager has been putting together some great articles to keep you inspired between magazines and I've been thrilled to work with her. I'm still there, but mostly behind the scenes working out the blogs technical aspects and answering and forwarding emails.

So what exactly did I contribute? I'll answer that in the days to come and give a little bit of some of the behind-the-scenes that I was privy to.

For now, I'll share my first contribution, I was able to provide a
Reader Favorite Small Flea Market suggestion. As were many of our blog readers

This was truly a bloggers contribution to the magazine, and a definite travel reference must-have for when you criss-cross this country looking for those out of the way flea markets, down hidden dirt roads.

Congrats to everyone who was able to get their favorite "secret" flea in the magazine. I'm sure the flea vendors appreciate it as well.

More of my "contributions" tomorrow.
I know this was not much of a sneak peak, but we have to keep some secrets.


Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys said...

How exciting! I need to go to the grocery store just to buy the magazine!

Shelley said...

How wonderful to see your picture in a major are a valuable contributor I am have so much wisdom when it comes to JUNK and flea market style :) Your blog speaks for are very creative in many ways...I have a feeling you have the potential to create your own magazine or maybe publish a book...I would certainly subscribe to it...blessings to you Margo...

Vickie said...

Oh Margo, I'm so impressed - it's such a great picture of you, too! Will you autograph my copy when you go with me to eat Mexican food?? ;)

slommler said...

Well now I need to go and find that magazine...!!!

Linda said...

I'm sure looking forward to getting a copy!

Nank said...

WOOHOO! Got my magazine today! I have set aside the time from 9-10 tonight to read it thoroughly. THANKS!


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