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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The adoption process

No... I'm not looking for a new baby, at least not the human kind.

For several months now I've been toying with the idea of getting one of these small little Italian Greyhounds (they run from 6-12 pounds average). For those who don't know, I've had the larger variety (65-70 pounds) in my home for 16 years and love them. But I'm missing the whole lap dog experience and had been in contact with my local IG rescue group.

I had put the idea on the back burner as my life always seems to be so hectic, knowing that one would probably just drop in my lap at some point and find me.

On Easter I found this note on the IG facebook page:

Good morning and Happy Easter Sunday. I wanted to post about a 11-12 year old female "Lisa" in KS that needs to come into rescue before the end of the month or the owner is planning to put her to sleep before her move. LLC rescue in KS has graciouly offered to transport her to Texas if we can find a foster home for her. Please let me know if you will open your heart and home to Lisa so we can her out of her current situation. Thank you! ~RT~
Well I lept with my heart... not my head and shot off an email as fast as I could. Look at that sweet face. Anyway, looks like I'm on the way to being a foster for this lovely lady and if we click I'm sure I'll be her forever home.

Before you judge the owner, just remember we don't know all the circumstances and they are working to find their pups new homes. Our goal with animal rescue is to rescue not judge.

So now we begin the process. There is the application, the phone interview, and the home visit.
I've often joked that pure breed rescue adoption is a kin to people adoption. Of course it's not, but they do want to make sure their dogs, who are already in rescue, don't get there again.

So probably in about 2 weeks, I'm gonna have a new addition to my family. I hope that she fits in with our other pooches and I can't wait for some cuddles. Am I crazy!!!

Will keep you posted.


red.neck chic said...

LOL I don't think you're crazy... it'll be great for her and you!

;-D My doggy paws are crossed!

Country Gal said...

NO! your not crazy if I could afford to and had lots of space I would have tons of rescues of all kinds ! Hope it all works out well for you both ! Have a great day !

Anonymous said...

Good luck. I adopted a rescue on Oct. 31 of last year - his name is now "Boo" - and it was rough going, as he had been a stray who was abused, and had some aggression issues. Which were, after all, just self-protection issues, really. We have had to help him forget his unfortunate past, but in just a few months we have uncovered a sweet little being in all of that spikey fur (he's a Shi Tzu).....and now I can't remember life without him. He is just so HAPPY being here -- every morning is like Christmas for him. Maybe not so for the Pug I already had! But really they get along fine. And you'll have the indescribable experience of saving a little creature! There's hardly any down side. Good luck!

Alaina said...

My girlfriends' parents have already had two of the large rescue grayhounds and they have just recently taken on their third. They absolutely love them, and my sister is their dog sitting while they are on vaccation. She says they are really nice dogs, more reserved. Good luck.

Alpha Dog Marketing said...

good for you! great for her too. bless your heart for givin her a go.

leah @ plainview - moxiethrift on etsy said...

Alpha Dog Marketing is the "8 to 5" me.

Passionate for White said...

You are a good, good person for adopting!


That is awesome! What's her name??

Teresa M. Leno said...

That is awesome, she looks like a sweetie.

TinaTx said...

Good for you! Hope everything works out for both of you!

LaurieAnna's Vintage Home said...

Bless you Margo, I hope the two of you click and she finds her forever home with you. She has the sweetest lil face!

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