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Friday, April 1, 2011

The goods Part 2-Software

Round top has no shortage of the smaller things. I love finding parts for jewelry projects... and the smaller items are easy to ship too.

Mom always said, "don't take any wooden nickels". Well I've got a bunch of em here.

3 lovely coin purses, old keys and various tags

I got this pr of earrings for myself. I do have 2 of course, but the other is in my purse so I can get a different kind of hook. The one on there just doesn't want to go into my ear easily, I love the design. And I got a copy of the Fabulous Jeanne d'Arc living magazine, It's so scrumptious. And I also found this great messenger bag at the same place as I found the earrings. These 3 items are my "gift to self".

I loved these old "like new" note pad booklets. I'm sure they were found in a warehouse somewhere, still wrapped in paper. Love the cover graphics. And the "how to use the telephone" booklets are just too funny. Tamara said "they need one of these for the iphone".

Not sure what kind of metal plaque that is with the numbers but I loved it.
The black with red apron I won at Teresa's blog party as 4th runner up on the name tag contest. And the little bag on the right is for my mom.

Well there you have it. Look for many of these treasures soon on my etsy store and in my booth spaces. Wish I could have brought home more, but I ran out of time. Thanks for coming along with me.


Prior said...

you and I might not be good junking partners 'cause we would be fightin' over the same stuff! Not really, though, cause there was plenty for everyone! Excited to see what you create!

Tricia @ Vintage No. 35 said...

I love your small junk! Great finds and I hope to go down there soon!

slommler said...

I so enjoyed sharing in your journey!! And your small items are great!!

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Oh Margo MY bag broke....I'm afraid I OVERLOADED it with CARNIVAL stuff (HEAVY cardboard & wooden bingo tablets) at Marburger....The poor strap couldn't handle the strain....hahahahahaha....I've set it aside to repair it as soon as I can....!!!!

Can't wait to see what you do with your purses....I SO wish I could have found some myself....!!!!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)

Carol said...


Thanks for sharing your photos with me today. I was so excited to see that you won one of the aprons. My husband made those aprons. He has been sewing only since December. He asked for a sewing machine for Christmas, so that's what we got him. I'm really loving that purse, do you happen to have the vendor's name that you bought it from and did they have more. It's simply wonderful.



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