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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Meeting the Neighbors

I've decided that I must live an exciting life as I always seem to have a story to tell. Or maybe it is that I take the everyday stuff and make a story out of it.
Well this is certainly not an everyday event.

We live in the Country, but the way our house is situated on our property we are very close to our neighbors on one side. During summer we can't see their property due to the trees so it seems secluded, but they are just a short walk through the woods.

Since we moved in in 2003 we've had the same couple living next door and they have been wonderful neighbors. They have since moved and rented the house out. This made us a bit nervous but so far it's been quite over there.

The other day I got a call from the Mom, with a sound of panic in her voice she says. "Hi I'm Julie, I moved in next door... I have a problem...
There is a snake in my bedroom!
and I don't know who to call."

Snake Catching is not Mr R's favorite activity, and to him every snake is a "bad" snake. So with Hoe in hand, we headed over.

We approached the house to find our new neighbor trembling on the porch with a shovel. So now we are armed with a Hoe and a Shovel????
Sure enough there was a snake in her bedroom. She was there by herself and had nobody to call.

Well Mr R and I took care of that nasty snake in no time, and saved the day, AND we met the neighbor at the same time. She was a bit shook up but we assured her that we had never seen a snake inside before and this was not "normal". I think it was a harmless rat snake, but Mr R thinks it was a Poisonous snake so who knows. Anyway it met it's end that day and all is well.

Since then, Mr R ordered a snake catching tool, we've needed one several times since moving out here and he's tired of using a Hoe.
Now we are Prepared!!!!

What are some of the unusual ways have you met your neighbors????


Alaina said...

We did not get off to a good start with our neighbors. They kind of did not want us to build our house next to them. First they asked us if we could build our home closer to the road and not so far back so we could see in their back yard. We said NO. Second thing they did was hire someone to move trees into their yard, but they were moving the trees from OUR property, we said NO. As you can see we did not start out well. We have since become hello neighbors and that is as far as it goes.

Alaina said...

We did not get off to a good start with our neighbors. They kind of did not want us to build our house next to them. First they asked us if we could build our home closer to the road and not so far back so we could see in their back yard. We said NO. Second thing they did was hire someone to move trees into their yard, but they were moving the trees from OUR property, we said NO. As you can see we did not start out well. We have since become hello neighbors and that is as far as it goes.

Country Gal said...

I married their son lol then moved beside them , our properties are secluded by hedges and we live in the country as well in a spread out village. Wonderful post glad you were able to help her. Have a great day !

Passionate for White said...

We had new neighbors move in...just a husband and wife. They were there for almost a year and a half before we finally "met". One Summer afternoon the wife came over to us while we were doing yard work and asked if we saw anyone suspicious in her yard. We said no, why, is something wrong? She said someone stole their propane tank (not for a gas grill mind you, a propane heating tank). She said they must have come prepared with the proper tools and a vehicle large enough to carry it away. My husband asked (half jokingly), well when was the last time you paid your gas bill? She turned red and said she had never remembered ever seeing a bill. My husband then said "well it appears the gas company took away the tank for non-payment". She quietly walked away. We felt bad but couldn't help but chuckle (she's an MIT professor).

Numinosity said...

We had just moved to our new place in Arizona, I was outside painting some furniture and this adorable man in his late sixties with a grey ponytail greets me with "I'm so glad some young people moved into the neighborhood!" Mind you, my husband was nearly 60 and I in my early 50's.
We've been friends with him ever since.
xoxo Kim

Renie Cee said...

We haven't met out neighbors. We have lived in this subdivision for 8 months. All of our neighbors are young people with little kids and we are seniors so I guess we aren't wanted. They don't even nod. So we have our kids and grand kids very close by so that is enough for us. Sad, Sad, the neighbors don't know what they are missing.

JunkinJane said...

I met the neighbor when her six year old son ran out in the road in front of me and I had to slam on the brakes and she heard the tires squeal. Luckily he jumped back real quick and we were just scared! On another note our cat had a friend one time, a skunk, she got in the house in time, but later the skunk was living in our garage, till my DH very carefully chased him out!

Lisa Phillippi said...

Ok...Im a country girl too...but I hate snakes..ALOT! So what the heck IS a "snake catching tool"? And what is so wrong with a hoe?

Sheree said...

we met the little old lady next door when she locked herself out of her house. my dh went over to her back door and used a credit card to get her back in. she has sinced passed away and we hope we will have a nice neighbor once again...

Anonymous said...

That is a very funny story. If the snake were in my house I would not need a phone to call anyone. They would hear my screams and come running! Hopefully, lol. Connie :)

Jan said...

When my husband went to mow our lawn for the first time after we moved in..he moved the old ride around lawn mower into the driveway & started it. A little old man appeared through a gap in the hedge with the biggest screwdriver you've ever seen. He said "sounds like it's running rough, let me adjust it." Hence our 1st meeting with "Farmer Mike"..he was the best neighbor!

Curtains in My Tree said...

Thank goddness I didn't meet my neighbors with a snake involved.

my newest neighbors are from Bosinia and don't speak great english, however the children since going to school here 5 years speak english so I tell the kids tell your Mom this or that.

they have been great neighbors so far, the 12 year old girl said my cross in my back yard was a bad thing? (muslim family) other that that all is well

I am learning to speak their names

can't spell the rest

I like drink coffee with them and honey that coffee can walk LOl

strong coffee they boil it in a pot with the grounds and then let them settle before pouring
first time I drank it I was still awake at 3am LOL

Jill said...

Poor thing! I'm not afraid of snakes at all but I have sisters and and sister in laws that would just panic if they saw one in their bedroom. Thank goodness you guys could help. I don't have any interesting neighbor stories. I guess that's good.

Casey said...

We just moved to this house back in Feb and so far the neighbors have been introducing themselves as they walk by with their dogs. Our dogs aren't used to so much noise, coming from a house surrounded by orchard and they bark at everything that goes by. Turns out my mom knows just about everyone on our block already.
The older lady directly next door hasn't been all that friendly. We were both outside one day and I smiled at her and got a blank look. She is alone now that her husband is in a nursing home. I got my oldest to mow her front lawn one day when he was doing ours as it was getting out of control.

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

I'm embarrassed to say our newest neighbors have lived next door for almost 2 years and I've never introduced myself!
We live on a long country road right up front where it nearly intersect with the Farm to Market road...and it's a dead end. So every one that lives on our road has to pass our house one way or the other... we only know a hand full of 'em most of 'em just smile and wave back at us.

But we do have some neighbors that we met while they were chasing their loose pig. It ran quite a ways down the road and then my kids heard the ruckus and went out to help catch it. That is how we met them.
...let's see, we've also had some neighbors we've run off before too. But they were making drugs in a vacant house on our road.
but, that's another story!
This was fun reading yours and all the comments!

We've got some snake stories too.

Vee said...

Nothing as unusual as that I can tell you. And you and your hubby are the very best kind of neighbors to have! I'd have run in the opposite direction screaming. (Oh and I have killed snakes. Usually with a flat shovel, which I use to take off their heads or pin them into the ground. It just all depends.) Now I'm curious about the "proper" tool.

Busy Bucharoo said...

Our meet the neighbor story:We live in the country on a pine tree farm. We met our new neighbors after the brush pile they were burning got a way and burned 4 acres of our Christmas tree grove. The forestery service was able to stop the fire about 150feet from our house. The neighbors were so embarressed & so upset we couldn't stay mad.
Our snake & a neighbor story: One day we heard gun shots coming from a neighbors place. A few minutes later the neighbor called us and asked my DH to come get him and take him to the hospital. Seems he had been bitten by a copperhead and was trying to kill the snake AND get his wifes attention. (She was in the north 40 feeding cows and never heard him.) They left his wife a note and my DH took the neighbor to the hospital. He had a tender, very swollen arm for a couple days, but he was ok. So if the snake gets past your hoe and you do get bit, it won't necessarily be fatal. Whoever said living in the country was dull?

Carolyn said...

Very funny story. I hate snakes..ALOT!

Silver MLM

Stephanie said...

Just think - maybe she'll bake you cookies since you saved the day! Ha!

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Yayyyyy Margo....Whoda thunk a snake would provide the opportunity to meet your neighbour.... :o) !!

It sounds like MR Robo is of the same mind as Mr SVJ when it comes to pesties....Though Mr SVJ's 'thang' is with rats....hahahahahaSNORT....When we get together next time remind me to tell you the 'Matt, rat & the cat' story....!!

Have a GREAT week Love....!

Tamarah :o)

Karen Sabrsula said...

I met my neighbor when the postman accidentally delivered his "girly" magazine in a brown wrapper to our mailbox. At first, I was going to put in their mailbox and act as if it never happened. My next thought was, well, it could be an icebreaker! They turned out to be great friends, wonderful neighbors, but of course, he still denies the magazine was his!

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