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Sunday, May 22, 2011

What I've been Up To-Wedding Plans and a Project

You might be wondering where I've been and why I've not been posting much lately. Well a rather large project that I've been working on for many months, is coming due. What is it you ask...well... It's a wedding for the daughter of a friend.

Last Summer, Brooke asked if I'd be able to style her wedding reception and chapel, and of course I said yes.
The Bride

So after meeting several times with the bride and seeing her ideas I've been spending the last few months gathering the materials and working out the logistics in my head. All Month I've been working on mock ups,and all the final preparations for the event which is next Saturday. So I'll be out of touch a bit this week, and hopefully have some pics for you next week.

In true junker fashion, most items for the reception and chapel are re-purposed, borrowed, used.... and fabulous. She wanted that look and that is what she's getting. My Son is her photographer and he has agreed to take some shots just for me, of the decor.

This is a bit out of my comfort zone so I've been nervous, but I think my ducks are in a row and we are ready to go. I've Just got to gather a few supplies and wait for them to let me into the Church.

I received a new shipment of Flea Market Style magazines in on Friday so if you need one or know someone who does, be sure to see the information in the post below. Hoping you all have a great week, and wish me luck.

And since projects are constantly floating around in my head, and I've been collecting and cleaning doilies for months. This little project hopped into my lap this weekend. Lace necklace, made by cutting up an old tatted doilie,
modeled by Son #2's girlfriend.


Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Oh Margo you'll be FINE & I KNOW you're gonna do a FANTASTIC job....I can't wait to see the pics....!!!!!

Your doiley necklace is GORGEOUS....Are you making some for Etsy....'Cause I can see them FLYING off the shelf....!!!

Have a GREAT week & remember, if everything starts to get a little hectic....Grab yourself a paper bag & BREATHE....Works wonders I PROMISE....hahahahaha....

Tamarah :o)

slommler said...

Designing a wedding has to be top of the list for sure! How exciting and I can't wait to see your designs!!
That necklace is gorgeous by the way!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Margo, how excited to be able to do a wedding; I've done a wedding before and I know just how nerve racking it can be. You want everything to be perfect. Can't wait for the pics.

Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Margo ~
I can't wait to see pictures from how you decorated for the wedding!! I know it will be awesome!

Your necklace is gorgeous!!


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