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Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Father

All of these items belonged to my Dad. His boyscout handbook, Pilot Log book,
Slide Rules, Camera, Watch (there's a story behind that watch). The framed picture
is of his HAM radio group in College, and the little boy is him as a toddler.

When I was in the month of my 18th birthday, My Father passed away at the age of 39. He had a very short battle with Leukemia.

The best piece of advise my Dad ever game me..."Don't limit your options." He wasn't talking about life in general, but a specific thing. But with most of my decisions in my life those words reverberate in my head. "Don't limit your options!!"

He's been gone for 29 years, I've know life without him more than life with him. However, he was there through all those influential moments of my youth. Dispensing wisdom whether I wanted it or not.My youngest son once said "When I die I want to meet 2 people in heaven. Elija and Your Dad." Wow!!

Here's to you dad, you continue to influence me even though you are not here.

IF you still have your father, give him some of your time today. If not find the nearest Dad in your life and give him some time today.

Or spend some time with THE FATHER because he's always there!!!!


Unknown said...

Thank you for this lovely post. My dad died over 9 years ago, my father in law 2 years ago. I miss them both.
BTW the fact that your son wants to meet your dad in heaven, says a lot about how you feel and talk about him.
I have the same with my grandmother. Even though I,ve only known her for 3 years, my memories of her are full of respect and love. That is because my mom always talked about her with respect and love.
Have a nice Sunday.

Flo and Grace said...

:) Happy Anniversary, too!! Give your hubs all the quality time he could ever ask for today! : )Glad to chat with you, too, yesterday!

Marji Laine - Faith Driven Fiction said...

You're dad was the coolest dad I knew - didn't know what a computer nerd was back then!

I share your feelings, dear sister! Was able to get to know my own dad as an adult and am so grateful for the time we got to spend together before we lost him.

Blessings on you for a wonderful week!

Mona Kay Gorman said...

What a lovely tribute! I was just thinking about all the ways my dad helped me when I was just starting up...going to estate sales for me, and helping me move a ton of furniture!

trash talk said...

I'm sure your daddy will be waiting with open arms when (in the far, far future) that day comes.
I lost my daddy in '98, but a day doesn't go by that something doesn't remind me what an impact he had on my life as well as that of my children.
Here's to our fathers who are smiling down on us with The Father.

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