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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dang it's hot outside!!!!!

Even this girl has her limits!

So I've been hiding away indoors working on some jewelry projects.
re-fluffing some past projects
Hoping my AC holds up...
while this fabulous shelf waits outside for my attention.

Fun stuff on the horizon. Give away's coming over at Flea Market style as the Fall issue will be hitting shelves in August, yep you heard right... AUGUST!
Don't want to hunt for it, Let it come to your door, Click here for information on ordering by mail.

The Junk Bonanza is coming in September and watch for some fun regarding that in the very near future.

I'm also spending some time indoors learning some French for my Spring Trip to Paris. I'm up to #4 and a few phrases, but I've got lots of time:)


trash talk said...

Here's a French phrase for you...Bon Fete!

Shelley said...

I know what you mean about staying indoors...the heat is terrible....praying my old window unit last until fall....if so then I will give it a nice burial with honors :) Blessings

gina3 said...

I've got so many paint projects just waiting because it's so hot. Can't even be in the shade of the garage because it's still just too hot. I'm surprised they haven't started the rolling blackouts again. Looking forward to fall.

red.neck chic said...

Margo - the frame with the chain hanging... GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! LOVE that necklace!

It's tooooo hot to even think about learning another language. ;-D


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