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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Friends-Junk Bonanza Photo Essay #3

Every year I go to the Bonanza I add to my "friends" list. I enjoy meeting new people who "get it" and catching up with old friends. Above was a rare moment when I caught Ki not running from place to place. Ki is such a sweet and "real" person. Every time she passed me in the hallways, no matter how busy she was she'd say "hi". On the far right is Kim Yeager. Kim and I have been working together on the blog for a few months now, but had never actually met.
The first thing she said to me was "you've got an accent" :)
This is Taylor (Ki's daughter) and Karla (Ki's sister) and the brawn behind the Junk Revolution store. I told them I needed a new picture. Did you know that Taylor has been in several TV shows including an episode of CSI (she was the victim). Karla makes lots of the fabric projects you've seen through the years. She's a sewer extraordinaire.

My new friends this year would be Martha (captain of my Etsy team) and her friends, Val, MaryEllen, and Kathy. They drove from Chicago for their very first Bonanza experience. I had fun hanging with them and showing Them around. Such a fun group of gals.


Another of my Etsy Team members lives right there in Shakopee Minnesota and was having a fabulous junk/garage sale which was stop #1 on day 2. You can see her there on the right with Martha in the middle. Love my new fallout shelter sign. Do I remember her name? No I'm sorry, but her store is ionesattic,. I loved meeting her mother as well, Ione, who has been in the junking business for 50 years or so. She was so sweet and handed out autographed pictures of herself. Notice the lovely dress form in the middle and all of her glitz and glamor.

Of course I love catching up with my Bonanza buddies from years past.
Jane of Mustard Moon
Cammie of Dafadowndilly's
Jan and Kathy of Gracie's Cottage
and there are so many others

And Ki's team including
John the announcer
Emily 2nd in command
I know there are more and you can go here to see the whole JB team.

Just a hint, if you click the links above you'll be taken to more great posts about the Bonanza.


Vickie said...

I'm really enjoying seeing your pics from JB, Margo, and all your friends - new and old!

SueAnn said...

Love the pics and meeting and seeing all the neat gals you have been seeing!!
Love that dress form!

Jane said...

So if I'm able to make it there next year, will you show me around? Looks like great fun!

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

So great to meet you at Junk Bonanza...I knew I would find you if I just looked - and there you were!

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