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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fun, Fabulous, and Frivolous-Bonanza Photo Essay #2

I love the fun items you can only find at the Bonanza, well almost only find there. This old game wheel was appearing for the 2nd time, It belongs to Ki and is
to die for!!!!

Sara of Seasons in Carver had these fabulous bicycle seat jewelry displays.

I love color and these 70s trays

More of the frivolous

An ampersand of my dreams, no I did not get it, it was already sold.

The Actual Ugly lamps from the magazine. We voted for our pick of ugliest,
my choice is below.

After the Bonanza closed on day 2, my new found friends and I went to Hunt and Gather, where I found more fun fabulous goodies
Love this old barkcloth pillow and the mannequin below is skirted in old scarves.
Eye candy at every turn.


Diane in the Valley said...

Love the bike seat jewelry holders! Show more! I'm living friviously through you!

Vickie said...

Margo, I'll bet this trip was just SO fun, shopping, eating and meeting new people! So much to look at - I have to say, I LOVE the bike seat holders - that's such a sweeeet idea!

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