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Friday, November 18, 2011

One week of junking along with Margo-Friday

You've come along with me for a full week of junking fun and this is the last day. Friday started early and cold with a stop at what I'd hoped would be a good sale and it did not disappoint. Their motto is" we are here to loose money but make friends". They did have lots of stuff but some of the better items were priced a bit too high for me. I did find some fun smalls and then headed down the road to the next sale.
I hit 3 or 4 sales total and then had to get to work.

Today was another big shipping day and that all took about an hour.

This week was actually pretty tame. I didn't go to my booth in Athens (45 min drive) to fluff, that will be next week. I didn't get any " drop everything and come here for great junk" calls this week either.

I didn't have any cleaning or pricing to do but I will next week, as we get ready for the big Winnie & Tulula's open house on Friday.

Except for the Barn Sale it was all pretty routine.

Here are most of my finds just since Monday
Looks like this was the week for coolers. I love the yellow plaid one and that cute little polka dotted one is not too shabby :) I've always got room for a galvanized one at the right price too.
A couple of goosneck lamps in various stages of rust, a weather vane,
old lunch box, rubber stamp holder, horse muzzle, juicy fruit display, old phone,
wall receipt holder, art deco clock, Exit sign, and a juggling Indian club

Not to mention a metal duck bank, and a couple of vintage levels.

All in all a good week of smalls and that's what I look for.

Next week is Thanksgiving, and Winnie & Tulula's will be open on Friday evening for our Christmas event. I'll have more about that tomorrow. I've also got a fun holiday project to share
with you... so be sure and check back.

Don't for get the Christmas in the Country sale will be open all day Saturday, with 25% off many items.


SueAnn said...

Fabulous finds!! Love the horse muzzle and those gears! Love, love, love them!

Anonymous said...

I am coming in at the ensd of this fun week. Will have to scroll down and enjoy all the posts.
Have to say I am impressed with all you can pack and be ready for shipping in an hour.

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