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Monday, February 27, 2012

Recent winter Finds

After a few months of just finding nothing, I got the Junk call last week and got some fun things.
The windows and fence piece above, and these lovely iron wheels below.
My favorite find was a bunch of animal fence post toppers
And this great old globe bank. I also found those unusual glasses at Winnie and Tululas, and some chalkware sconce candle holders with cherub angels.
Hope you are finding great fun things in your neck of the woods. Spring is just around the corner and I hope folks open up their garages soon. :)


Amy Burzese said...

Love the wheels, the fence things - all of it!

Barbara Jean said...

wow! you found cool stuff. love the rust, and the animal toppers.

barbara jean

Vintage and Company said...

the globe is awesome! Is it for sale?

Jane said...

The animal toppers are very cool!! All great stuff!

Vickie said...

Hi Margo - are those windows glass or screen? Curious...

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