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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Paris Trip-Packing Strategy

Have I told you I hate the process of traveling. Lugging heavy bags on trams, trollies, trains, and finally on and off the plane is not my idea of a good time. Last time I traveled I watched what other folks were doing to make it easier, and I learned a few things. Below is my travel strategy for both ease, and the prospect of bringing treasures home.
These are the bags I'm taking, We'll call them from Left to Right, Big Bertha, Little Bertha, Shopping Bertha (provided by tour organizers the Red Shed Girls), and baby Bertha. All with wheels and retractable handles. And just in case you are wondering what that is on the wall behind them, It's my giant wooden scissors, they actually open and close and are almost as tall as me.

Ok here we go, For the trip up, Inside Big Bertha, first, will go shopping Bertha.

Then Little Bertha, which will have all my clothes, converters, and packing material etc.
So I'm only checking one bag for the flight up.
Tip:always buy colorful luggage so it's easier to find when it's time to pick it up.

Then in Baby Bertha (which is my only carry on)
There is room for my lap top, all other electronics and purse related stuff. and the fab thing about Baby Bertha.
She fits under the seat in front of me, so no hoisting above my head, or needing something I can't get to, during the flight (hopefully).

That along with my crossbody bag is all I've got to carry through the airport. On the way back. I've got Big Bertha to fill up and I can carry Little Bertha on the plane with me, so again, only one checked bag :) hopefully. I'm open to modifying my plan if needed.

One of my strategies for black luggage is to tie something colorful on it so that I'll know it's mine, and someone else won't grab it by mistake.

One last thing, since I'll be sharing a room, and I don't want to clutter up counter space with all my stuff, I found this handy hanging bathroom organizer that folds up to almost nothing. Hopefully this will keep me organized and ready to go at the hotel.Only 4 more sleeps till it's time to go. :)


" SHABBY JUNK" said...

Bet you can't sleep. Wish I was going. Aww Paris in Spring! Been to London, Rome, next should be Paris. Have fun!

Prior said...

How exciting and I've made many long overseas flights and I say you have it just right...Have a wonderful time! and take lots of pics!

You might want a blow up neck pillow.

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