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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wedding Prep day and Rehearsal

Friday is the big day... My Son is getting married to the sweetest girl on the face of the earth.

Everyone is getting involved
And having fun

The preacher marvels at how my future DIL has everything timed down to the minute.
She's just a tad bit organized
Handsome guys. Mine are in the black shirts.
Please keep us in your thoughts as we celebrate and join two families. We could not be happier.


Prior said...

Prayers going up, can't wait to see the decor...

Shasta @ intheoldroad said...

The location looks beautiful. I want to see pics of everything after the big day. I assume you're going to take one or two pictures, haha. Congrats to your son and new daughter in law.

Leslie @ Salvaged Spaces said...


SueAnn said...

What fun...congrats to all of you!
Enjoy your weekend!!

sewprimitive karen said...

What building is that? It's so cool.

Curtains in My Tree said...

If there is anything besides an estate sale or yard sale I love it's a wedding
looks like an outdoor wedding also , more fun

Happy for all of you

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