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Monday, May 7, 2012

French Architectural Drawings from 1866

At the Vanves Flea Market I found this fabulous book
It was full of page after page of wonderful French Architectural drawings from 1866
While not inexpensive, I saw the value of the pages as individual frame-able art, and so I scooped it up. Back at the hotel my roommate drooled after it and we worked out some page trades. Some of her fabulous architectural book pages for some of mine. Don't you just love these staircase drawings from her book.
Now back at home I am in the process of removing the pages and getting them ready for sale, but a few have really caught my eye. I decided to just tuck one under a shabby oval frame I had and call it done. I think the unframed quality adds to the shabby frenchy look.
I'm always changing out what is in this frame. Everything from shoe forms to, now, an old French architectural drawing, complete with rough edges :)
Look for more pages from this fabulous book at Winnie & Tulula's and online in my Etsy store.

Yes! Reprints are coming!
You couldn't get enough of the Spring/Summer issue of Flea Market Style, and publisher, Harris, has obliged with a second printing!

We are expecting our shipment of the 2nd printing of the Spring 2012 issue around Mid to Late May. You can place a pre order now and they will begin shipping out as soon as they are received into stock.

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Susanna King said...

What a find! I hadn't thought of looking for old books for images like these, but now it seems obvious.

Leslie @ Salvaged Spaces said...

What an amazing find!!

time worn interiors said...

Great find! I love books like that especially in French!


thistlewoodfarm said...

I love the staircase drawings. And the idea of old books for images is brilliant.

Thanks for the inspiration.


SueAnn Lommler said...

Love the drawings

Vintage and Company said...

Very cool find! When is next new issue of FMS coming out? This fall?

Connie said...

You totally hit a gold mine. That book is incredible. I would be going out looking for frames and doing an entire wall of those pages. That's how exciting they are. I am your newest follower, I know this is the place I want to be. How can 915 other people be wrong. It takes and amazing talent to have that many followers enjoying your artful journey. If you ever have a minute, please accept my humble invitation to visit and to hopefully find something in my blog, that would peak your interest enough to follow, me too. :)

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