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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Door Organizer from Match Holders

I see these old match holders everywhere, and I have had trouble moving them. So I decided to make a project from 3 of them I recently found.
I painted them all the same color, mounted them to a framed chalk board, added hooks and voila. Being on a chalk board there is room to write. This can be done in any size to fit any family.
Vary this project by leaving the holders in their shabby condition, or painting in all different colors, or even use chalk board paint to paint them. Mount to old window or shabby chippy board instead of chalk board.
I used both screws and glue for stability.
A great place for all that stuff that needs to hang out by the door.


cathy said...

What a great idea!! I love anything that is old and metal- (see my post Rin Tin Tin and Tins II@ That is so clever- now I will be on the lookout for metal matchboxes!! I already have some old frames.

Curtains in My Tree said...

this is what you call thinking outside of the box ( match Box)


Elaine said...

I have one in the kitchen with candy in it!

pink*cherub*moon said...

This is such a cute and clever idea! Thank you for the inspiration! Hugs, Leena

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