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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Angels Angels Angels

My junking friend Lezlee suggested I dig through old photos and write about something I may have skipped in the past.  Good idea!!

So I found this photo of one of my angels made from spindles and architectural stuff. Originally made just as a project idea, I walked into Winnie & Tulula's one day and they had borrowed it to use as jewelry display. What a great idea I thought, I love it.  The wings work great for necklaces to hang and see.  I've made several of these angels in all shapes and sizes, which you can view on my spindle idea page here.


Vicki@MorePowerfulBeyondMeasure said...

That Lezlee is the smartest little thing! I love the angel! I made a similar one that holds a wreath during the different seasons. I need a jewelry holder in my booth so I may have to make another. Best, Vicki

Michelle said...

This is really a cute structure and a nice use for it.

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