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Friday, September 14, 2012

How to pack up the goodies when buying on the road

Last time I wrote about my travels, I had lots of folks ask how I packed my stuff to bring it home . So this time I photo documented the process. Sorry for the poor quality, I used my phone to take the pics.

First I lay everything out so I can see it

I've already hit the Walmart to buy their largest box and some packing tape. For this trip I also packed a bag in a bag so I can fill one bag and check it (I have an American Airlines Credit Card so I get one bag checked for free) for the flight home.
I first disassembled my fabulous counter top bolt display piece. Place in the box and tried to distribute the weight evenly.Then for a test I began to place my other long and non breakable items around it to see how much room I had. Always looking to make the most of the empty spaces. As you can see I am ending up with a lot of empty space so I'll fill it with old newspaper, and dirty clothes to ship back home. Everything will be protected and secured before I seal this box up.
Now for the suitcase. Which gets breakables, and smalls. I had purchased a unique box. All boxes, tins, etc I fill with product to maximize space. This will also help the box to keep it's shape for the journey home.
The box is placed in the bottom of my suitcase, with other items stuffed around it. Again, I'll use clothing and newspaper to fill in the gaps. Careful to keep the weight of the suitcase under the airline limit.

There you have it. Each time I travel I pick up new tips and ideas for packing it back home. It's a good idea to know the dimensions of the inside of the box and your suitcase, when buying, to make sure you don't get anything too long or large to fit.

Nothing is exempt from becoming packing material...Ladies you know what these are :)

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