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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Christmas Advent Calendar with meaning

I first came up with this idea a few years ago and I have since adjusted it a bit. It's very simple just take a piece of wood, for mine I painted it with a light coat of white and then sanded it. Hammer in 24 nails or screw in cup hooks. I added number tags for the one above, but that is optional, Probably a good idea if doing this with children. Or you could simply paint or write or decoupage the numbers to the board. The original idea was to have the child remove a trinket each day to hang on the board as a countdown or advent calendar. Since then, being inspired by Jodi's Jesus tree idea. I've altered this to have the trinkets have a special (back to Jesus) meaning.
The concept remains the same, only the trinkets, each, have a truly biblical meaning. Like above the "admit one" tickets stand for Redeemer, and the round carrom game pieces are "lifesaver", Use your imagination. You can order Jodi's tags here or make your own, Jodi also has a sheet that has bible verse after bible verse for the "names of Jesus" represented on the tags.
For example an old key represents "key to heaven" which is Acts 4:12 As the child pulls out the item to be hung you can discuss how that item points back to a biblical meaning.
What a great way to redeem the season, and you only need 24 items. This is definitely going to be a tradition for me and my grandchildren,
when I have them...someday....

You can see each ornament and some more display board ideas on my advent pinboard   here 

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