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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Margo's Annual Favorite Things Blog Post

In true Oprah fashion, I've compiled a small "Margo's Favorite" list.
There are a few things I've received or purchased or done that have enhanced my life or just plain bring me joy and I want to share them with you.  So here goes.
Favorite Cleaning Tool
Bona Hardwood Floor mop and sweeper.
Bona Hardwood Floor Mop

Suggested to me by an acquaintance, I bit the bullet and got this handy item. It has changed my floor cleaning life.  A little expensive for a mop but well worth it in the time it will save you. I got the mop with the cleaner attached as it was the same price as buying the mop and cleaner in a spray bottle.  Advise, get extra pads, and see if you can get the wool dust sweeper pad as well. I was lucky enough to find some extra pads at a garage sale.  Use a coupon and purchase at Bed Bath & Beyond for savings.  If you have lots of floors like me, this is a fabulous item to have.
Favorite Home Improvement Project
Wood Floors throughout our upstairs

A lot of work but
it made such a difference. And see those green pillows and comforter?
Those are my current favorite, room enhancing decoration. Available from Kohls, Part of this collection. I love the Orla Kiely ish quilting on the green coverlette and shams.

Apt. 9 Thyme Bedding Coordinates

Chocolate Snack

Enough Said

Favorite Candle

My favorite brand of candle is Circle E and my favorite fragrance is Bird of Paradise.
The best price I've seen for these candles locally is at Our Little Corner, I need to get another BOP as this one is about gone. The first time I discovered Circle E candles was at an estate sale. Sometimes estate homes can smell unpleasant. The candle they had burning in one room, could be smelled throughout the whole house and was such a pleasant smell, I was hooked.
Favorite Home Decor Book

Orla Kiely Pattern. I love the fact that there are so many full pages of her graphics. I have actually framed some of them and used them in my home.
Favorite Fiction Books
Book Cover Image. Title: The Hunger Games Trilogy Boxed Set, Author: Suzanne Collins

Favorite Junking Moment
Paris of Course
Trip of a lifetime and I highly recommend it. 
 Favorite Junk Purchase
Some of the items I purchased in Paris, including the rack, hangers and porcelain number
 this fabulous red lotus leaf Catherinholm bowl found at the Junk Bonanaza 
(see the orla kiely prints behind it?)

Favorite Magazine,
 Flea Market Style of course.
Order Today

Now available. Select, Back issues and the New Weddings Issue. Click here for ordering information.


Catonya said...

Hi and - Merry Christmas!!!

I love the Bird of Paradise scent. Circle E candles have a good strong scent and long burn time.

Like most everyone who loves candles, I'm always searching for candles with a stronger scent and longer burn time. A few months ago I ran across Country Heart candles and placed a small order. It's rare for me to be so blown away that I can't wait to share my discovery with everyone. This is one of those discoveries!

The 12 oz Forever Candle (refills) is 5.99 - 120 scents to choose from. I know it sounds impossible - I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen/experienced it myself, but I get as much burn time from 12 oz Forever Candle as I do from the 40 oz Circle E - and the scent is much much stronger than Circle E.

side note - I'm not employed by nor am I related to anyone at Country Heart candles. I've just been so impressed with the quality of their candles that I want to share my discovery.

Vickie said...

Merry Christmas Margo!

I think my favorite of yours are the racks and the ceramic number. Very stylish!

Yes, Circle E candles are great!

Have a wonderful time with your beloveds!

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