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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Since we are talking about Vintage Weddings

In honor of Flea Market Style's premiere Wedding Ideas issues I wanted to share again, some of the vintage weddings I've helped with, and some of the ideas we used.

Last year I had the privilege of helping my son and future- DIL decorate for their beautiful Barn Wedding. It was only my second wedding and was so much fun. One of the things we needed to decide on was the cake table and getting a cake plate just the right size for the cake.  Nothing worked... 

So future DIL and I brainstormed and came up with this idea.  It's simple really, the cake will sit on a platter made from an old frame with lace sandwiched under the glass.

   The process of figuring it out required mock ups and a lot of crossed fingers. I could see it in my head but until we got the cake and flowers in place I  didn't know exactly how well it worked out.

It turned out beautiful and I could not have been more pleased.
I got so many compliments on the cake table and it was relatively easy, and definitely inexpensive.

 One of the engineering issues to be considered is the weight of the cake. To give the frame some stability and strength and support, I stacked books underneath. So the cake is not actually resting on the glass, which might have pushed through and created an amazing catastrophe. Instead the books are holding up the frame/tray and all is well

For flowers, we simply had the brides maids and bride place their bouquets on the table when they entered the reception.

  Old frames are one of the staples I pick up at Garage sales, and I've used them in so many ways. 
But this one was the best.

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Nancy @ Ella Elaine said...

I love your creative cake stand!
Great idea and it was all beautiful.

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