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Monday, March 25, 2013

Old books, New Project. And an easy one too.

 I love these old Readers Digest Book Covers. I've used them for Journals, and for lifts in product photos and in my house

Or If I need to add some color to a retro display
But nobody buys my journals and I have so many of these cut off covers laying around.  
What to do?????
Answer: Clip Boards. Just add a bulldog clip and you are done. You've got a colorful and handy clipboard. Perfect size to slip into your bag for the grocery store or wherever. 
 And they are so pretty too. 
What would you do with these beauties????


Diane in the Valley said...

Nice and simple. Love the idea. I have quite a few hanging around too. I used the pages to make a wreath and some decorations for the librarian at school but didn't know what to do with the covers. Thanks for the inspiration. Again!

Jill said...

Cute use for the covers. I absolutely love the reader's digest covers! They are the best for adding color to an area.

Anonymous said...

Very cute..
Great projects..

Vee said...

I love simple, easy, and attractive. And I love ideas for old books.

JunkinJane said...

I lke your idea! I would cut letters out of them with a band or jig saw.

Margo said...

great idea Jane. I may have to try that.


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